A Look Inside Digital Printing at Tap Packaging Solutions, by HP Graphic Arts

Posted: April 20, 2016 by
Jenna Millemaci

Cleveland-based company Tap Packaging Solutions recently released an exciting new video produced by HP Graphic Arts. Through interviews and footage, the video features Tap as the subject of a dynamic case study telling the story of how Tap resurged and expanded into new markets thanks to the HP Indigo 30000, the very first digital printing press designed specifically for folding cartons.

The video also highlights how Tap has been using the latest in digital print technology to propel businesses’ marketing strategies into the future and make them more effective than ever. Digital printing has not only revolutionized Tap Packaging Solutions but also industries manufacturing confectionery, gourmet food & beverage, beauty, and medical products.

Watch the video here and read the written case study here.

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TAP Packaging Solutions