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Posted: December 18, 2015 by
Package Design Reader Tom Morsheimer

A shift in consumer preference towards premium products is transforming the packaging industry. Demand for high-quality, artisanal, organic and more healthful foods has risen in recent years, illustrating that consumers are not afraid to pay more for premium, quality enhancements that support a healthier lifestyle. Examples abound across all product categories – from organic foods, gluten-free snacks, fortified nutritional cereals, premium pet foods and treats, vitamins and nutritional supplements, to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

However, with higher price points come greater needs and expectations of packaging in order for high-end goods to reinforce the brand promise of quality from the first bite to the last. To deliver on this promise, a package must not only be convenient in its ease of use, but also keep the product fresher longer to support the higher costs of a premium product.

Organic, All-Natural & Gluten-Free! Oh my!

The number of options for baked goods that serve to meet different dietary requirements has increased dramatically over recent years, including products that are gluten-free, organic and all-natural. These types of foods have become the norm in today’s retail environments. In fact, more than 90 percent of retailers have increased the number of organic foods they’ve sold since 2012.[1] Organic foods, with the promise of containing no preservatives or artificial ingredients, can cost almost 47 percent more than alternative options.[2] Still, according to a survey by Nielson, consumers – especially younger generations – have shown a strong willingness to pay more for these diets.

Similarly, the trending gluten-free diet costs more than traditional diets, according to a study by the National Institute of Health.[3] Gluten-free diets – although essential for those afflicted with Celiac Disease – have become widely popular for people without the disease who believe eliminating gluten will provide greater health benefits and perhaps yield weight loss.

As premium foods are becoming more predominant in the marketplace, it is important that packaging protects the products for which consumers are willing to pay a higher price. From a packaging standpoint, it is critical to utilize resealable options in an effort to preserve these costly ingredients – especially because they may expire faster due to their intrinsic characteristics.

Packaging That Supports Premium Goods

In order to preserve premium product integrity in today’s marketplace, packaging must have the appropriate closures that will guarantee both freshness and convenience. For example, press-to-close closures with double-zippers deliver pronounced audible and tactile cues that can be heard and felt when sealing a package for a multi-sensory user experience. To prevent a product from being accessed by children or other unintended consumers, Presto Products Company offers a child resistant closure named CHILD-GUARD The recently launched slider, when incorporated with an appropriate film structure meets the standards required by the PPPA for child-resistant packaging. This new technology leverages flexible packaging in an industry previously dominated by more rigid alternatives.

Aside from keeping children out of products that can be harmful if they wind up in the wrong hands, sliders are also intuitive, hassle-free closures that offer ease-of-use for products targeted towards the elderly – or in other cases, even children.

In all, packaging has an important role in the modern-day premium product marketplace. Reclosable packaging, in particular, is increasingly in demand among consumers who prioritize product freshness and convenience. As this demand rises and more brand owners across different categories adopt resealable features, it will be critical to market these convenience-enhancing attributes that stand up to their premium products at the point of purchase.

About Presto Products Company

Presto Products Company is a market-leading supplier of products ranging from private label food and disposer bags to packaging closures. Presto, a business of Reynolds Packaging Group, operates six manufacturing plants and supports customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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