TricorBraun Designs a Dramatic “Black Line” of Packaging For Billy Jealousy Men’s Hair Care Products

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Founded in 2004 by Pat Parsi and Danielle Rouso, Billy Jealousy has become a leader in the men’s grooming industry. The founders’ goal was to create a line of grooming products combining science- and natural-based ingredients and wrapped in a playful yet polished brand experience. They succeeded, and today Billy Jealousy products are sold throughout the world, from Singapore to Auckland, Manhattan to Los Angeles, and London to Johannesburg.

Recently, Parsi decided to redesign the men’s hair care line to increase its reach with a younger segment of men. With the help of TricorBraun designers, Billy Jealousy introduced its new Black Line of hair care products with an edgier packaged look, a more subtly stylish version of its iconic dragon logo and an increased product volume (3 ounces versus the 2 ounces of the earlier packaging)––all intended to appeal to the stylish yet practical sense of today’s younger (18-40 year-old) professional male.

“The product formulations are the same,” points out Parsi, “but the package is new in almost every way.”

The new line includes six hair styling products in jars, a hard hold gel in a tube and a bottled shampoo. The styling products appeal to this demographic with names such as Ruckus Molding Cream, Clutch Play Texturizing Gunk and Controlled Substance Hard Hold Hair Gel. The shampoo bottle is a lighter smoky black that, as the product is used, allows the user to see the remaining volume.

The PET (polyethylene terephthalate) jars and PP (polypropylene) lids are molded from TricorBraun’s molds. Each styling product is distinguished with a pressure sensitive lid and wraparound body printed foil label carrying a different color accent on the logo and product name. Bottom labels that carry the product information are pressure sensitive paper labels. One other change Parsi made when designing the new packaging was to remove the induction seal commonly seen on jars.

“Customers shopping for hair care products often like to open the jar and to smell the scent of the products,” Parsi points out. “We thought it was important to make it possible for them to do that, since testers are not provided at some of our retail outlets.”

The MDPE (Medium-Density Polyethylene) tube is silkscreen printed and features a stamped dragon design. It is topped with a flip-top dispensing closure. The PET Boston round shampoo bottle is decorated with a wraparound pressure sensitive labels.

“As our graphic designer was designing the labels,” Parsi says, “she also modified our Billy Jealousy dragon logo to make the dragon simpler and more appealing.”

 The collaboration with TricorBraun to design the new Black Line began in late 2014 and went through a number of iterations over 4 months before the final Black Line designs were finalized. The line began appearing on shelves in January 2015 in stores such as HEB, as well as in upscale barbershops such as Roosters and Knockouts.

 “Working with TricorBraun designers helped us realize our vision with the impact we were looking for in our finished packages. The response from salons and consumers so far has been universally positive,” says Parsi.

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