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UK-based brand design agency Believe in has today announced the launch of its second studio, in Canada. The company will operate as a single team collaborating across both studios, serving clients in North America and Europe.

Founder and Creative Director Blair Thomson, along with Business Director Joanna Thomson, are now based in Mono, north of Toronto. The pair relocated ahead of the official launch to allow time for thorough testing of the new communication processes, ensuring seamless integration with the agency’s original studio in Exeter, South West England.

2016 marked 20 years in business for Believe in, and this provided the impetus to expand their offering with a permanent base in Canada. Blair, a returning Canadian, believes that his homecoming represents an amazing opportunity for the business:

“I’m enormously proud of my Canadian heritage, and have deep admiration for those pioneering designers who established Canada as a center for modernist design in the 1960s and 1970s. I believe that the time is right for Canada to reassert its position as a global design leader, and if I can play a small part in helping to make it happen, it would be a major achievement in my career, and my life.”

The business enjoys a strong family ethos and a very loyal team. In an industry that often struggles to retain talent, this has been vital to setting up the new studio: “Getting used to collaborating across continents and time zones on a daily basis has been a challenge that we’ve enjoyed getting to grips with. I’m lucky to have the support of an amazing team who I trust wholeheartedly. Without their energy and commitment, no amount of technology could’ve made it work.”

The company has always sought to work with the best people, no matter where in the world they may be. They have already secured several new business opportunities, both in Canada and the US, and they are also keen to develop a network of likeminded creative professionals across the country to draw upon and collaborate with.

“Making a positive impact on the Canadian design scene is no easy task. There are some amazing studios working here, but we’re confident that we offer something different and exclusive, much like the work we strive to create for our clients.”

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