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Zip-Pak® will showcase a range of proven resealable solutions to Latin American packaging professionals at Fispal Technololgia 2015, June 23-26, Booth #123D, at the Anhembi Show Pavilion in São Paulo, Brazil. Packaging machinery company Pacmac will be running sample pouches with Press-To-Close™ zippers on its latest 9500 Series Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine at the Zip-Pak exhibit.

“Proven Performers” accurately describes the solutions that Zip-Pak, the global leader in resealable zipper technology, will feature at Fispal Technologia this year. Representatives from the Zip-Pak Brazil facility located in São Paulo will present the company’s zipper solutions that encourage consumer preference for brands marketed in flexible resealable packaging.

Pacmac, a leading provider of vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machinery, and long-time supply chain partner, will be operating a new 9500 series high speed VFFS machine in the Zip-Pak exhibit. The new machine will run pouch samples featuring the Press-to-Close™ zipper, giving attendees a firsthand opportunity to evaluate the high quality and functionality of Zip-Pak zipper technology.

Improved dispensing, ease-of-use, better access to package contents and the preservation of product freshness are among the many consumer benefits evident in the zipper solutions that Zip-Pak will display at Fispal. This year, the company will showcase three of its fastest-growing zipper solutions in Latin America: Press-to-Close™, Zipper Tape™ and INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film.

Press-to-Close™ Zipper
The Press-to-Close™ family of resealable closures includes a range of zipper styles designed to achieve specific requirements for flexible packaged brands based on product composition, barrier requirements, temperature exposure, and other factors. Press-to-Close zippers feature precise interlocking profiles for a reliable seal, and a durable design to maintain optimum functionality with each use of a flexible package. This well established and highly economical zipper option has been used throughout the world for a broad range of consumer products.

Zipper Tape™
Ideal for low-density polyethylene (LDPE) packaging requiring a hermetic seal, Zipper Tape™ represents a unique method of introducing resealability to a flexible package. Zipper Tape is designed to work with a wide range of flexible packaging material, and an equally wide range of form-fill-seal machines. Zipper Tape is suited for both large and smaller format flexible packaging, and is an ideal way to introduce resealability to products like frozen foods, dry foods, and produce.

INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film 
INNO-LOK® Pre-Zippered Film is a method of attaching reclosable zippers transversely to the front of packaging film.  INNO-LOK can be used for both barrier and non-barrier packaging applications, and provides the flexibility to run both reclosable and regular bags on any packaging line without the need for additional capital expenditures. With INNO-LOK technology, a zipper can be integrated into an existing flexible package on standard VFFS equipment in a matter of weeks.

Representatives from the Zip-Pak worldwide community of resealable specialists will be coming to Fispal 2015. Among those attending from Zip-Pak Brazil are Frank Kelly, Director of Business Development and Latin America; Daniel Richena, Commercial Director of Zip-Pak Brazil; and Flávio Zampirolli, Field Service Engineer for Zip-Pak Brazil. In advance of the show, Richena commented, “We’ve chosen to feature Zip-Pak solutions that are high-quality, proven performers. They have been successfully and repeatedly used throughout South America, and the world.”

Since opening its facility in Brazil three years ago, Zip-Pak has experienced consistently growing demand for its zipper solutions by numerous South American brands in a variety of product categories. The Zip-Pak Brazil team works closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and converters throughout the region, and provides onsite technical assistance for the inclusion of zipper closures to either new or existing flexible packaging.

Zip-Pak Brazil recently opened a new packaging lab and showroom to provide South American packaging professionals with a first-hand experience of zipper solutions for a variety of flexible packaged consumer products. The showroom is interactive by design, allowing visitors to touch and try a wide variety of Zip-Pak resealing zippers, representative of the company’s full range of regional and global capabilities. The packaging lab’s capabilities include prototype production, with the means to provide customers a formed and decorated pouch, complete with a resealable closure.

Fispal attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about other Zip-Pak innovations being developed and commercialized in other parts of the world. As part of its “global to local” service commitment, Zip-Pak Brazil also warehouses and distributes a variety of zipper designs produced by Zip-Pak facilities in North America and Europe.

A self-mating resealable closure, Vector represents a distinct and easy-to-use alternative to traditional zipper profiles. It is ideal for a wide range of products thanks to a resealable matrix pattern that is easier to align and has superior air-seal capabilities, as compared to other closures. Vector also delivers a more vivid tactile response, assuring consumers of a tight seal upon opening, closing, and storage of a flexible packaged product.

Zipbox is a hybrid packaging format that combines the consumer-preferred attributes of flexible and rigid packaging into a novel combination of materials that is both value adding and user-intuitive. Zipbox provides an ideal solution to the long-standing consumer need for easily resealing a carton and maintaining product freshness after opening.

PresSURE-Lok is an ideal solution for controlled dispensing of liquid products in the form of shampoos, personal care products, detergents, energy products, and even beverages and condiments. Controlled-Chamber Technology delivers a unique all-in-one solution that combines a flexible pouch with a flexible and self-contained fitment, eliminating the need for a separate dispensing component. The user simply squeezes the flexible pouch to open the seal, allowing liquid product to flow into the dispensing chamber. The package then automatically reseals itself for future use.


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