Makeover Challenge

2016 Makeover Challenge Competitor: Damen Jackson

Posted: August 17, 2016 by
Linda Casey

Damen Jackson


Founded in 1998, Damen Jackson is a strategic brand and creative agency based in Chicago. The agency’s four guiding principles are creativity, relevance, simplicity and results.

“As part of our process, we always try to help our clients clearly define their strategic business objectives prior to developing any creative work. In our experience, this approach delivers powerful solutions that connect with the audience while effectively delivering against the client’s strategy—and their financial goals,” says Ron Farnum, founder and president.

Damen Jackson successfully applies its unique approach across a diverse client base, from non-profits to pharmaceutical companies to global consumer brands.


The process consists of five phases focused on setting up a brand for success by identifying and tightly defining the brand opportunity.

1. Hypothesis Builder: Damen Jackson establishes program objectives, then drafts theories validated through research crafted specifically for the program combined with material the brand already has available.

2. Strategic Snapshot: The agency collaborates and confirms the appropriate strategic approach prior to tactical development. For example, is new packaging really what your brand needs or should you focus on growing distribution first?

3. Brand Differentiator: Damen Jackson clearly defines what makes a brand unique in the market to elevate the brand above its competition.

4. Brand Story Builder: An experienced creative team of copywriters, designers and creative strategists at Damen Jackson blend key language into the brand story to establish an authentic connection with shoppers.

5. Market Navigator: Damen Jackson uses the results from the first four steps to establish a go-to-market plan and develop creative materials to support the brand.


Damen Jackson was excited to refresh the Fisher package design for John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc., a longtime agency client. Not only did the refresh contemporize the brand, the redesign also enabled JBSS to transition several products into standup bags.

“Consumer research clearly indicated Fisher owns the color red in snack nuts, which the brand team really wanted to maintain,” says Farnum. “We were able to contemporize the design while still providing a lot of red through a large logo badge. This element defines the overall package architecture but leaves plenty of room on the package for product photography and key product information.

“Research shows the new design appeals to a younger demographic without alienating current Fisher brand advocates,” Farnum adds. “We are thrilled with the design and the success Fisher is having in the market.”


View Damen Jackson's 2016 Makeover Challenge Concept here.