Makeover Challenge

2016 Makeover Challenge Competitor: Turner Lee Consulting & Design

Posted: August 17, 2016 by
Linda Casey

Turner Lee Consulting & Design


Turner Lee Consulting & Design’s story originates in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where Julie Olson grew up with Craig Whitlock and Cory Whitlock. With deep roots and a good old-fashioned work ethic, these old friends from the neighborhood came together again in 1998 to found Turner Lee Consulting & Design—an agency that builds strong, lasting brands and strong, lasting relationships.

As of date of publication, Turner Lee Consulting & Design (TLC) has delivered more than 3,500 projects for clients of all sizes and has offices located in California and Colorado.


Specializing in brand development for packaging, print and web, TLC delivers high-end custom design for entire brands or just little design challenges. “We tackle projects large or small with an approach that combines our creativity and expertise with your vision,” says president and owner Julie Olson. “We work closely with you throughout the entire process—research, concept, development and delivery—to ensure your design is not only successful, but perfect for you, your timeline and budget.”

The TLC team includes president and owner Julie Olson, vice president of design Craig Whitlock, senior designers Cory Whitlock, Jennifer Nolan and Bo Grospitch.  “We run very efficiently and effectively, while still having fun!” Olson says. “Because we consider our services as more than a vendor, we spend much of our time in our clients’ offices in order to develop a dependable long lasting partnership.”


New brand development (project pictured above) for established law firm Silva and associates. TLC developed new logo, website (, marketing materials, and specialty items. TLC also developed a logo, website, ecommerce, programs, and marketing materials, for startup brand WaveCircle.

Hewlett-Packard (not pictured) asked our team to evaluate its accessory packaging and process. TLC created a strategy for Hewlett-Packard that implemented a guideline for consistencies in materials, colors, design, peg and shelf placement and user functionality, reduced the number of form factors from 47 to four main package sizes and used updated environmentally friendly materials. The results include more than $1 million in shipping, a more than $500,000 savings in tooling and a 68% reduction in plastic use. 


View Turner Lee Consulting & Design's 2016 Makeover Challenge Concept, here.