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A Metered Dispensing System That Really Works by ploy•d

Posted: September 13, 2009

The final ounces of toothpaste in the very end of tube has met its match with the Metered Dispensing System (MDS), the flagship product by ploy•d, Inc. This new insert, created for liquid dispensing containers, aims to solve every dispensing problem from angle usage to leaks, spills, and dosage amounts. The MDS is designed to fit inside most packages and works with a wide range of product viscosities, and can also accommodate just about any exit point method such as mist, shoot, and spray.

The key to this system is a vacuum insert which pulls 98-99% of the product from the bottle, and allows usage from almost any orientation. This could mean an end for wrist cramps induced by involuntary experimentations with bottle orientation.

A push-button dose dispenser could show significant impact in the distribution of medicine. The suggested amount of cold medicine would be dispensed at the push of the button without the need for measuring or fear of overdose. Baking can be made easier in the same way with a uniform amount of product dispensed per button push.

In addition ploy•d supports recycling habits with the MDS. Each container and insert can be refilled and used multiple times, which would greatly cut back on plastic waste. These Metered Dispensing Systems are not on the market yet, but are currently in negotiations with companies in a few different consumer goods categories. Co-inventor and president of ploy•d, Roger LaFlamme, knows where to pitch through previous jobs with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, PaperMate, and Magnavox. He is also in talks with their brand partners to embed MDS into their consumer, automotive, industrial, and pharmaceutical products. For more information, visit