ABRE—Brazilian Packaging Association Packaging & Design Awards

Posted: September 20, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

ABRE is the Brazilian Packaging Association, a non-profit entity with more than 270 members. Established in 1967 by a small group of large companies, ABRE endeavors to represent the interests of the packing industry, to promote the activities of this sector, and to stimulate the constant improvement of Brazilian packages. ABRE represents all the packaging supply chain: machinery manufacturers, raw material and accessories producers, converters, end-users, and design agencies.

Design Sweets and Desserts
Sonho de Valsa trufa em formato coração (Chocolate)
By: Kraft Foodssta

The Sonho de Valsa chocolate and its heart-shaped packaging were created for Valentine's Day to impress the object of true love. The plastic package combines with a carton glove to stand up on the supermarket shelf.

Design Savories
Linha de patês de atum Gomes da Costa (Patê, Salty Cream)
By: Gomes da Costa

This original candy package makes a big impact with a large brand presentation. Butter Toffees are one of the most exported products of the Argentinean company Arcor. The package is easily filled with high production devices, and the package can merchandized with good facing in several ways.

Design Alcoholic Beverages
Ypióca 160 Anos Sleeve (Cachaça—Brazilian Alcohol Drink)
By: Sleever International

To celebrate its 160th year, Ypióca launched a very special product that created a marketing innovation. The sleeve label covers the totality of the bottle and was adapted perfect to its form, despite the diameter difference between the base and the neck (80% less). The colors black and gold give the packaging a premium visual impact.

Design Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Embalagem Baggio Aromas (Coffee with Special Aromas)
By: Pipa Design

Baggio Aromas is a very special coffee product, so the packaging had to transmit this to the consumer. The coffee is packaged in a silver film, and the pouch has an aromatic valve. The packaging has 3 labels, and the top one was strategically designed to look like a tie.

Design Miscellaneous
Tom Bom Flex 40 ml (Shoe Polisher)
By: MN Design

This shoes polisher has ergonomic packaging and a shape that differentiates it from the others products in the same category. Each version of the product has different colors to facilitate the identification at the point of purchase, and the bottle's sleeve label completes the visual impact.

Design Household
Linha Papaiz (Locks)
By: Pande Design

The redesign of the Papaiz padlocks line introduced a new packaging concept in this category. The new design organizes the line and gives to the consumer a better understanding of the different kinds of products. The line has a different padlock designs geared to a number of consumer demographic profiles.

Design Cosmetics and Personal Care
Projeto Joaninha/Fraldas Pampers (Baby Diapers)
By: Orsa Embalagens

This point of purchase packaging uses technology to ally the high resistance of the cardboard with the best definition of flexo printing in five colors plus varnish. This type of printing gives value to the packaging at the point of purchase and transforms the package into an important marketing and sales tool.

Design Packaging for Small Size Enterprises
Embalagem para frutas vermelhas in natura Baronesa Vonleithner (Fresh Berries)
By: G.A. Produção e Comunicação

Beyond the perfect protection of the products, this package conveys the attributes of a premium brand. The package design launch successfully assured the sale of all the retailers' berry stock.

Design Private Labels
Linha Viver Carrefour (Health Food Products)
By: Pande Design

Carrefour brings a new visual concept to the private labels market with this line of health products composed of five families—light, diet, organic, functional, and soy-based. All the packages transmit the product's benefits while the visual identity of the line and of each package suggests the healthy soul of the line.

Design Family of Products
Linha de tortas Miss Daisy (Sweet Desserts)
By: Brasilgrafica

The cake box design makes sure the product stays very well secured inside the packaging. The package was printed in offset, six colors plus high-shine UV varnish (inline) using non-toxic and odorless inks. The paperboard has a special treatment to resist humidity absorption in the freezer case at point of purchase. The finishing has differentiated cut and creasing, as well as a Braille inscription application.

Redesign General Products Packaging
Natura Biografia desodorante colônia masculino e feminino (Perfume for Men)
By: Natura

The new packaging of Natura Biografia has an ergonomic shape that is easy to handle and that gives to the product a modern visual impact. The previous closure was replaced with an on/off valve that decreases the environmental impact. Aside from the reduction in material, the flask can be separated and recycled.

Design Hygiene and Home Care
Perfume para ambientes Amazônia Natural (Household Perfume)
By: Zeh Design

This household air freshener is based on the scent of the wood sticks that stay in contact with the perfumed liquid during use. To differentiate the product on shelf, the packaging suspends the bottle and exhibits it like a display. The sticks are attached on the outside, to display them to the consumer, and the graphics honor the natural values of the brand.

Design Packaging for Perfumes
(Also: Distinction Packaging for Perfumes)
Isabela Capeto boneca frasco vermelho (Perfume)
By: Casa Granado

The sophistication of the brand enters perfume category with a modern and playful bottle that can also be used as an article of decoration. The doll bottle, a precise copy of the fashion designer's logo, is from an exclusive mold in ABS red, bonded and finished manually, painted in red IBO, and measuring 16 x 11 x 3.4 cm (6.3 x 4.3 x 1.3 in.).

Design Health and Pharmaceutical
Embalagem Fibrothin (Weight Reduction Vitamins)
By: Design Inverso

This project looked for differentiation in the category—but with a low investment. Package design was used to bring beauty and health to the brand packaging through the use of a silhouette shape reminiscent of the female body. The structure integrates the bottle and the cartridge while enabling consumers to see the product.

Distinction Technological Innovation Packaging
Embalagem para amaciante concentrado com sistema de dosagem interno (Fabric Softener with Pouring Control)
By: Unilever

This package was developed in order to increase convenience based on consumer behavior studies. The product is concentrated and the challenge was to help consumers to know how much to pour. The body of the package itself has a special compartment that meters the exact amount of the product that should be used.

Redesign Food and Beverage Packaging
(Also: Distinction Beverage Packaging)
Nescafé Dawn Jar (Instant Coffee)
By: Nestlé

This Nescafé coffee brings a new concept to the market with stylish and ergonomic design. The launch of this package increased the quality perception of the product by consumers, adding values such as modernity, elegance, and renewal to the brand.

Distinction Food Packaging
Tampa rosca Massu 74 (Easy-Open Lid)
By: Massucato

This technological innovation uses two kinds of raw material to improve end-consumer concerns such as: 1) easy opening; 2) oxidation; 3) guarantee of quality of the package product. This innovation also brought food inidustry benefits such as: 1) better vacuum; 2) easy opening; 3) range of lid colors; 4) small scale production; 5) no additional investments in the production line; 6) use of PP that bears high temperatures.

Distinction Cosmetics and Personal Care
(Also: Design for Environment)
Natura Ekos óleos Trifásicos PET reciclado pós-consumo (Body-Lotion, Three Phases)
By: Natura

Since March 2007, the virgin PET bottles of Natura Ekos line started to be replaced by bottles that have 30% less recycled PET. The development of this new packaging took three years and the environment impact reduction is about 15%. To recycle the PET, the company uses an FDA-approved German technology called "Stehning Bottle to Bottle Process."

Distinction Packaging for Export
(Also: Distinction Hygiene and Home Care/ Health and Pharmaceutical)
Embalagem Whiteness Perfect (Teeth Whitening)
By: Design Inverso / FGM Produtos Odontológicos

This packaging was developed for export following all the rules and symbologies of the European Community, with information in 12 languages. It has a sophisticated closure process with two lateral seals and the structure was designed to bear the rigors of transportation and weather variations. The packaging is made with clear but dull PP with an application of spot varnish.

Distinction Miscellaneous Packaging
Cartucho para celular Real Flat GF 970 (Mobile Phone)
By: Rigesa Celulose, Papel e Embalagens

To guarantee the sophistication of the top-of-the-line phone and to promote gift-giving, the package has a black laminated printing, delicate and clean text, and lamination with dull BOPP. On the product pictures, a spot ultraviolet varnish provides a nice finish, and silver hot stamping accents the company's logo.

Distinction Packaging for Food Service, Delivery and Take-Away
Embalagem para lasanhas (Lasagnas, Pasta)
By: Design Inverso

Thinking about the convenience needs of the modern consumer, the company developed a 600-gram (21-oz.), microwaveable paperboard package for lasagna. To fit production requirements and to improve its environmental impact, the company designed the package for simplified assembly and to remove the need for secondary packaging.

Distinction Industrial Design
Achocolatado Light Taeq (Light Chocolate Powder)
By: Sart / Dreamaker

This package with a differentiated design has brought an innovation form into the category. The completely different shape is reminiscent of a milk shake glass, and the sleeve label complements the package attractively.

Distinction Promotional Packaging
Ovo de Páscoa Diamante Negro (Easter Egg for the Black Diamond Chocolate)
By: Itap

The package was specially designed to package an Easter egg in a diamond shape, according to the name of the product—Black Diamond chocolate. The film is a metallic BOPP with gold details.

Special Consumer's Choice
Leite Ninho Baldinhos "Torcer com Ninho faz bem" (Ninho Milk)
By: CBL—Companhia Brasileira de Latas

The Ninho can playfully promotes the Panamerican Games and is similar in shape to old-fashioned farm milk jugs. It was developed in expanded steel with a handle to facilitate its transport for the consumer. The packaging has a peel-off closure that ensures the product integrity.

Student Winner
Basketball Package
By: Cláudia Leidinger

A smart solution to carry a basketball out of the store.