AIMCAL 2007 Product of the Year Awards

Posted: October 15, 2007 by
Ron Romanik

AIMCAL is The Association of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters, and Laminators, founded in 1970. AIMCAL serves as the global forum for the flexible metallizing, coating, and laminating industry by providing resources, services, and information. AIMCAL collects and distributes information to increase industry knowledge while fostering an environment that builds relationships and a spirit of cooperation between member companies worldwide. The top award honors the late Peter Rigney, former publisher of Paper, Film and Foil Converter magazine and long-time champion of the competition.

Peter Rigney Product of the Year
Holiday Six Pack
For: Miller Brewing Co.
By: Graphic Packaging
Supplier: Spectratek Technologies Inc.

The holographic film is printed in ultraviolet flexo inks, and the blue ink over the lens pattern hologram creates a twinkle that gives the appearance of holiday lights. The holographic film also features electron beam coatings, a pioneering use of this technology. To produce the carrier, the film is laminated to the kraft side of the AquaKote board. Lamination to the kraft side positions the white clay coat on the inside of the finished carrier to reflect light and present an ultra-clean look.

Food Category: Technical Award
QwikCrisp® Pot Pie Bowl
For: Heinz South Africa (PTY) Ltd.
By: Graphic Packaging

Suppliers: International Paper; Celplast Metallized Products; Rol-Vac LP
This dual-susceptor pot pie package makes the pot pie more convenient for microwaving consumers. The bowl, with MicroFlex®-Q patched carton, ensures the crust browns top and bottom when the frozen pot pie is microwaved in the carton. Graphic Packaging produces the uncoated paperboard/adhesive/susceptor/48-gauge polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bowl using a patented process to laminate solid bleached sulfate with a high-temperature-resistant metallized polyester film.

Food Category: Marketing Award
IV Iced Vodka Pouch
For: Siptop Packaging
By: Celplast Metallized Products

Suppliers: Perennial; Packall Packaging Inc.
This single-serving, stand-up pouch is formed, filled, and sealed on custom filling equipment. The metallized nylon is part of a three-layer structure reverse-printed 48-gauge polyester/metallized 60-gauge nylon, a 3-mil blend of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), and linear-low-density polyethylene. The nylon layer imparts durability, the metallizing on the nylon layer and the EVOH in the sealant layer provide the oxygen barrier, and the polyethylene ensures sealability and minimizes leakers.

Healthcare Category: Marketing Award
Puffs Back to School Tissue Box
For: Procter & Gamble Co.
By: Unifoil Corporation

Suppliers: Specialized Packaging Group; Rock-Tenn Co.; Toray
Plastics (America); Crown Roll Leaf
The holographic, acrylic-coated Unilustre metallized paper is converted by Unifoil in four patterns Wheels, Lots of Dots, Rainbow, and Pillars of Light. Printing different graphics in multiple colors results in a large array of designs. A metallized film is used to transfer-metallize the Unilustre paper, which is then laminated to 16-point solid bleached sulfate using Ultraflex adhesive to prevent stress cracking at folds and corners.

Label, Retail Category: Technical Award
Holographic Label
For: Miller Brewing Co.
By: Vacumet Corporation
Supplier: Multi-Color Corp.

Vacumet supplied and metallized the HoloPRISM holographic wet-strength substrate, which was printed with conventional inks on a gravure press. Opaque white accentuates the graphics of the label and highlights the diffractive, dazzling quality of the stock crystal ice flake/chipped glass hologram pattern. The HoloPRISM label was able to provide the ink adhesion, rub resistance, and printing, and cutting performance required and run at all locations.

Cosmetics Category: Marketing Award
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds
For: Elizabeth Arden
By: Hazen Paper Company
Suppliers: Hub Folding Box; Adherent Technology

For a bi-directional pattern that looks like it is embossed, this set-up box features 48-gauge silver metallized polyester laminated to the coated side of 20-point solid bleached sulfate. The metallized silver film was coated with Hazen's Ultracure acrylic lacquer. The silver base makes the rich gold tone possible and enhances the large holographic effect, which was stamped on the surface using a metallized transfer film.

Decorative Display Category: Marketing Award
Grey Goose Vodka Gift Cartons
For: Bacardi USA Inc.
By: Unifoil Corporation
Suppliers: Celplast; Hub Folding Box; Toray Plastics (America)

These windowed gift boxes showcase a single bottle or a single bottle plus complimentary martini glass, and rely on acrylic-coated, low-haze, 48-gauge metallized polyester. The polyester is laminated to 28-point solid bleached sulfate that provides strength despite the large window area. The larger box that holds the bottle and glass features a three-panel magnetic closure. A two-tone blue matte and gloss printed surface discourages fingerprints.

Nonfood Category: Technical Award
Hanging Moisture Absorber
For: DampRid
By: Vacumet Corporation
Suppliers: DuPont Teijin Films; Star Packaging

The product features a hanger-mounted, dual-chamber pouch containing moisture-absorbing calcium carbonate. The pouch material consists primarily of a metallized polyester/2-mil low-density polyethylene laminate, but the front of the top pouch features a printed synthetic paper for permeability. With an optical reading of 0.40, the metallized laminate is opaque enough to discourage light transmission and bacteria/mold growth, yet transparent enough to allow the user to visually inspect the collected water.