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Albéa Debuts Precitube Line of Sophisticated Airless Tubes

Posted: February 2, 2011

Albéa and Aptar want to guarantee a perfect conservation of formula from transportation to consumer use, and then an optimal application. Albéa imagined high quality airless tubes, combining subtlety sophistication and efficiency.
Precitube Line is a large range of tubes available in medium and small diameters, with various airless pump designs, aiming at protecting and enhancing the most precious formulas. With an integrated airless pump system in the design, the five Precitubes models prevent sensitive formulas from drying or discoloring from oxygen contact, thus guaranteeing freshness from the first to the last use.
These tubes also offer an increased shelf life of the most viscous to the most sensitive products while remaining practical with an easy-to-carry format. The seven tubes in the new collection reflect Albéa’s expertise and desire to ensure an optimal protection of formulas with quality and efficiency. For more, visit