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Ameri-Seal Produces PETG Metallic Printed Sleeves for Energy Drink

Posted: May 6, 2014

"Damzl Fuel" Is Ameri-Seal Inc.'s newest PETG shrink sleeve for the fitness and energy drink market. Created "Not For Dudes!" the sleeve has a racy, pretty in pink feel with a bold silver metallic band across the center-the logo is also centered complete with capital "D" for Damzl and topped with a silver tiara.

The Damzl sleeve bands four energy cans together, marketed as "Sugar Free," "Not for Dudes!" and a "High Octane Energy Drink." The shrink sleeve is printed five colors and with room needed for the drink's ingredients and benefits, a 360ยบ shrink label was the customer's perfect choice for much needed label real estate. Damzl Fuel is currently available in sporty convenience stores from California to Washington, and anyone else can order it online at For more, visit