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Answering the Call

Posted: September 13, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

The demanding challenges of today's changing retail landscapes require package designers to predict consumers' wants and needs. In effect, to answer questions before they're asked by consumers. In this March issue, we hope to answer such questions that may (or may not) be on your mind, such as:

Do women need their own complete line of foot care products, and what packaging would connect with women aisle-browsers? Our cover story on pharmaceutical powerhouse Schering-Plough provides insight into the unique Dr. Scholl's for Her brand extension project.

How will you weather the coming consumer market storm? This month's Designer's Corner prepares you for the turbulent market dynamics ahead. You can weather the storm by identifying and appreciating four important emerging trends.

How can you measure the effectiveness of new packaging systems? Research expert Scott Young explains how you can set measurable and reasonable "action standards" that can give you confidence you're headed in the right direction.

Do young consumers always think portability is a good idea? We leave you to decide on this one in this month's Wow! What a Package!

What packaging innovations are coming out of the resurgent economies of the former Soviet Union? That's probably not a question you've asked yourself recently; but fortunately for you, we have.

We hope you enjoy the answers in this issue, and let us know of any questions that you would like answered in future issues of Package Design Magazine.