April 2016 Product Focus: Specialty Papers & Coatings

Posted: April 25, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Rigid Set-up Box

The Sanders Holiday Box is made with silver satin foil board and printed from there passes on the 4-color offset press. The first print pass produced the solid flood color background, the second pass produced the UV white opaque ink, and the third pass produced the fourth color.



Motion Coat 

In partnership with McLean Packaging, Actega developed a folding carton using a patent pending UV coating technology called MotionCoat. This self-registering UV coating creates motion based graphics when used in conjunction with linear vector patterns. 



Folding Carton

The carton was converted utilizing metabolized polyester board and printed with UV coating flexo printedfuchsia purple, dense black, and opaque while offset inks, in-line with soft touch coating, UV matte and UV gloss coating.



Pressure-Sensitive Label

This custom label for the new Heinz BBQ sauces demonstrates how a combination of glossy tactile varnish and matte finishes that can be used with a pressure-sensitive label.



Pro-Web flexible packaging structures can range from simple polyethylene coated papers to multi-layer laminations, enabling use in sugar packets, lidding, foil pouch laminations or cosmetic packaging structures.



Premium Presentation Packaging 

The soft-touch laminate has a matte effect that makes colors brighter to heighten contrast for print decoration and add a luxurious feel. 


Specialty Papers

Neenah Packaging offers luxe packaging textures and coatings to elevate a brand through package designs that inspire from leather to metallic, and even crocodile finishes.




Sensory Coatings

Sun Chemical’s full cast of special effects includes scented, tactile, glitter, thermochromic and much more. 


Holographic Labels 

Select Solutions Holographic label materials have a multi-layered coating to refract light and create a variety of optical effects, including iridescent and prismatic visuals. Avery Dennison says the portfolio is ideal for seasonal packaging, commemorative products or to communicate a product’s premium nature.