Art in the Making

Posted: January 14, 2014 by
Linda Casey

The first time I saw Nikki Cole’s packaging for a boutique honey producer, my tastebuds grew quickly jealous of the sweet treat my eyes were experiencing. Immediately, after making myself a hot and, more importantly, sweet cup of tea, I reached out to Nikki about the design. Here’s what she shared.


PD: Can you tell me a little about your design goals and execution?

Cole: When starting out to design packaging for this honey, my main two priorities were to 1) Reinforce the artisan aspect of the honey making process and 2) Showcase the actual honey. It was also important to the client to emphasize the fact that this honey was to be produced in small batches with love and attention. This was not a high-quantity, mass-produced product and the packaging needed to reflect that. Therefore, we wanted to create an artisanal, handcrafted feel, which was accomplished using warm tones and textures and natural materials such and real cork and wood.

To showcase the honey, we decided on a round glass bottle, with a simple silhouette, which would allow the beautiful amber color of the honey glow through. Colors in the label were chosen to complement the natural beauty of the honey and not to overpower it.

Choosing materials that were authentic and natural were important to the integrity of the brand and product, which is why we chose to seal the honey with a natural wood and cork topper.

The rustic honey comb texture and hand drawn look to the word "honey" were also chosen specifically to reinforce the hand-crafted tone of the piece.


PD: What’s your favorite part of the design?

Cole: I always take joy in the small details of a design, the touches that add dimension, warmth and life to an overall piece. For that reason, I love the simple silk-screened bee on the top of the wood cork. It's a very small detail that could have easily been left out, but instead it adds to the layers of the design, making it a stronger reflection of the product it carries.


Cole ended the interview by acknowledging a partner in the project. “I worked on this piece in collaboration with David Cole Creative, whose valuable packaging and bottle knowledge helped to define the final look” she remarks.