Blue Marlin’s Appetizing New Packaging for Ella’s Kitchen

Posted: April 17, 2014

The Blue Marlin design agency has created dynamic new packaging for the much-loved Ella’s Kitchen brand, a popular organic food for kids and babies in the U.K. looking to expand in the U.S. market. The new design platform makes it easier for moms to navigate with bold colors, lively graphics, and consistent hierarchies.
In five years, Ella’s Kitchen, has grown from niche startup to rising international player. Sales growth across the world has been stellar, up 73.5% in 2010, and the goal is to make Ella's the first global premium food brand for little people.
Blue Marlin’s brief in Summer 2010 was to harmonize and evolve the packaging to bring greater visibility and recognition of the brand mark across the 68-SKU range, provide a clear and simple communications hierarchy, and ensure that designs are appealing and differentiating. In addition, Ella's wanted a timeless design that would future-proof the brand, preventing it from looking dated anytime soon.
The biggest challenge was evolving the original design that the client was very attached to, but that needed updating and decluttering. Blue Marlin global CEO Andrew Eyles comments: “Ella’s is a delightful product with a great story. We understood from the outset that we would have to tread very carefully as the original design was extremely close to the founder’s heart. Our new look is bold and impactful; it strengthens the branding and navigation whilst retaining the unique and characteristically Ella’s equities.”
Blue Marlin has created an “at a glance” age and stage communication system, enshrining a simple messaging hierarchy that cuts through the information overload on pack, and ensures stand out from the plethora of me-too products that are trying to catch the coattails of Ella’s success.