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callas Adds Layer Viewing and Dynamic Preflight Profile Generation to pdfToolbox 4

Posted: November 4, 2009

Germany's callas software, leading supplier of PDF technologies for print production and document management and archiving, tightly sticks to its quarterly release schedule for its pdfToolbox product range by announcing the immediate availability of pdfToolbox 4.2 and pdfToolbox Server 4.2. In line with the main philosophy of pdfToolbox 4, this update provides both usability improvements and adds features and flexibility to the core PDF engine.

Special attention goes to the new layer viewer that allows managing and generating layer views, bringing new ways to look at the final output. As such, pdfToolbox 4 is the first-in-industry tool to generate layers in accordance with PDF/X-4. For multi-language print jobs, it now becomes possible to easily create and view the various language versions in one PDF file.

For the packaging industry, pdfToolbox 4 provides even greater benefit. Where Acrobat 9 allows toggling between layer views, pdfToolbox 4 gives access to the individual layers, with the flexibility to switch them on and off while looking at a specific layer view: e.g. the print production view, the technical die-construction and folding machine set-up view and the product marketing view. This greatly facilitates the collaboration and approval workflow between packaging designers, printers, and brand-owners.

pdfToolbox 4 greatly simplifies working with Dynamic Profiles. pdfToolbox 4 Dynamic Profiles allow parameters to be entered at runtime—meaning Profiles can be tweaked on the fly and checks and fix-ups can be dynamically switched on or off. This enhancement allows working with a reduced set of pdfToolbox profiles, permitting in addition much more flexibility due to the possible adjustments.

Through versatile integration interfaces callas' pdfToolbox Server, pdfToolbox CLI and pdfToolbox SDK already provide the easiest and most flexible solution to incorporate PDF technology into a web-portal or production workflow. The Dynamic Profile technology further streamlines that integration by allowing on-the-fly adjustments of preflight checks, corrections and process optimization based on job information entered in an MIS system or through a web-interface. A trial version of pdfToolbox 4 can be downloaded at