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Casa Rex Creates Flamboyant ‘Empty Packs’

Posted: March 15, 2011

The Casa Rex design firm, with offices in São Paulo and London, has designed a unique Holographic Collection of packages as a promotional marketing tool for Dixie Toga. A leading packaging material manufacturer, Dixie Toga was interested in promoting their holographic packaging solutions to their clients.
Though the objective was to sell holography for packaging, there was going to be nothing inside the packages. Casa Rex was faced with a project with no theme or concept that could be explored from a design perspective. The firm decided to reinterpret this problem with a fresh turn of the concept.
Instead of developing meaningless dummies posing as real products (a common technique used in the packaging industry), Casa Rex came up with an innovative concept and developed the “Dixie Toga Amazing Holographic Collection of Empty Packs.” The “No Contents” issue became the creative thrust behind the design execution.
"We conceptualized personalized phrases like 'I'm empty' or 'There's absolutely nothing inside me' to deliver relevant and fun content for each holographic pack design." says Gustavo Piqueira, project director and head of Casa Rex. To portray the different moods that holography can add to packaging, the agency identified and developed six sets—Kids, Fun, Celebration, High Tech, Sophistication, and Power—each one made out of the substrates that are suitable for holography.
"The final result is not only a promotional tool for the company, but also a collection that is both humorous and memorable," concludes Piqueira. Casa Rex works on a range of global projects for consumer brands while exploring free experimentation with ideas. For more, visit