Celebrating its 90th Birthday, brand releases limited edition

Posted: April 4, 2016 by
Katie Gravely

Godiva Chocolatier is kicking off its 90th Anniversary with the launch of a limited edition collection that celebrates the brand’s roots while focusing on the future.

"We're excited to celebrate 90 years of craftsmanship, passion and innovation with the Gold Anniversary Collection. It's truly a representation of how GODIVA's chocolate has evolved over the past 90 years while staying true to our core values and heritage," explains Michelle Chin, Head of North America Marketing & Product Development.

Belgian artist Oli-B, famed for his vibrant work, was asked to redesign the iconic gold box for Godiva. The creation consisted of a tableau of vibrant colors that capture the energy of fireworks. 

“It has been a pleasure and a great challenge to introduce my art to Godiva’s iconic aesthetic. My inspiration across our entire collaboration was joy and celebration—and nothing encompasses that better than the colorful energetic firework,” concludes Oli-B.