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Chip Kidd Tells Stories with Pantone Solid Chips

Posted: April 5, 2016

Video Transcript

VO (Chip Kidd): It’s Halloween, 1968 and that’s me, and that’s my mom, and that’s my brother. And my mom made these outfits for us. And we were totally obsessed and...I sort of never got over it.


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VO (Chip Kidd): Sometimes your first idea is the best idea, but sometimes your first idea is the way too obvious idea. Most of what I’m working on is first editions of hardcover books, which are by their definition and form meant to be kept. Color plays a role in the process and terms of what is possible. Do I want new colors? Well, who would ever not want new colors? It just literally gives you more options and it gives you more to think about.

VO (Chip Kidd): New colors to me means new stories to tell and new ways to tell them. New colors, new stories.

ARTWORK COPY: If you see something. Say something.

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