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Constar Packages AriZona Beverage Company’s Advanced Vitamin Formula Waters

Posted: May 2, 2014

Beverages today are designed to do more than simply quench the thirst. In the case of AriZona Beverage Company’s new Rescue Water, the functional beverages are intended to help increase the rate of fluid replacement in active people and also help balance nutrient absorption into the body. To package the enhanced waters in a manner that protects the sensitive nutrients and flavors and projects a powerful image, AriZona Beverage Company tapped Constar for a high-tech, high-touch PET bottle.
Constar is supplying AriZona Beverage Company with 20.5-oz. PET bottles featuring the company’s X4™ technology, a breakthrough, panel-free design for hot-fill beverages that imparts the robust, in-hand feel of glass, while optimizing performance during the hot fill and labeling processes. AriZona Beverage Company is one of the first companies to commercialize Constar’s X4 technology. The monolayer bottles also include Constar’s DiamondClear® technology, an aggressive oxygen scavenger blended evenly throughout the PET to protect the freshness, flavor, and color of the beverage inside while giving the PET the clarity of glass.
Formulated for AriZona Beverage Company by Twinlab laboratories, there are four SKUs of Rescue Water that feature AriZona’s classic green tea extract for an antioxidant boost. Rescue Water is made with no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors and is sweetened with Reb A, a natural sweetener that comes from Stevia plants and contains zero calories.
AriZona Beverage Company’s Rescue Water is a hot-fill beverage, requiring a bottle that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of processing. Beverage makers have traditionally relied on six-panel vacuum bottles. Though they perform under pressure, they have a lower tactile quality in the hands of consumers, and when labeled, they feel “crinkly.” The high-tech geometry of PET bottles with Constar’s X4 technology allows the vacuum required by hot-fill processing to take place in the base of the bottle, leaving the sides cylindrical, rigid, and smooth. This results in the “high touch” feel of glass and a bottle that runs consistently and efficiently on filling and labeling lines. It also enables simple conversions from glass to plastic bottles.
The rigid, cylindrical design also contributes to the powerful presence of RESCUE Waters. Roll-fed shrink labels utilize bright colors and simple graphics to delineate the different varieties, making it easy for consumers to identify their favorite flavor.
The RESCUE Water bottle is also a sustainable packaging solution. PET bottles with X4 and DiamondClear technologies are recyclable using the 1-PETE code and are BPA free. Accepted by curbside recycling programs, used PET containers can be recycled into a host of new products such as packaging, sleeping bags, clothing, and tires. For more, visit www.drinkarizona.com, www.twinlab.com, and www.constar.net.