Consumer poll reveals America's love for limited-edition products

Posted: June 3, 2015 by
Linda Casey

McDonald's reigns supreme when it comes to America's favorite limited edition foods, according to a consumer poll released today by Instantly, the provider of the world's largest audience and consumer insights platform.

From the McRib Sandwich to the Shamrock McCafe Shake®, Instantly's 6,000-plus respondent poll showed that the fast-food franchise continues to win over consumers, as it took two spots on the list of top-five favorite limited edition foods of all time. 

Mountain Dews' Baja Blast, Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte® and Oreos' Red Velvet® flavor rounded out the top-five list.

Other results from the research indicate that consumers are more familiar with limited edition items from fast-food restaurants than packaged items sold in grocery stores. In fact, 52 percent are familiar with Wendys' Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger compared to only 25 percent who are familiar with Campbell's Soups' Andy Warhol cans.

Twenty percent of Americans say they purchase limited edition items often, with 60 percent citing that trying a new flavor is the leading factor motivating their purchase. Thirty-eight percent say they purchase limited edition food products because of unique packaging.

"Overwhelmingly, our survey showed that consumers have a heightened awareness of limited edition products and are genuinely interested in trying new flavors and seasonal offerings when they become available," said Andy Jolls, chief marketing officer at Instantly.

The leading reasons Americans would be most likely to purchase a limited edition product are if it is related to a good cause, tied to a seasonal trend or packaged in a unique way.

"A limited edition strategy could add real value to any marketing mix," said Jolls. "Still, CPG and food marketers should think carefully about which message and positioning will resonate most with consumers. Specialty packaging and seasonal flavors still interest consumers, but as millennials grow to become the primary consumer group in the country, socially conscious product campaigns should not be overlooked."  

Instantly polled over 6,000 respondents nationwide to get their perceptions on limited edition food products.

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SOURCE: Instantly, Inc.