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Container Ltd. Creates Custom Forms For High-End Health and Beauty Brands

Posted: May 2, 2014

The Container Ltd. package design firm grew from a design studio that already enjoyed an international reputation. For them, design is not an afterthought. It lies at the heart of all that they do and is seen as a fundamental component in brand development.
In a market where first impressions last, the firm’s understanding of beauty helps them create individual designs that reflect the brand that it serves. The designs work hard—catching the eye of potential customers, attracting editorial coverage, securing distribution contracts, and winning international awards. The firm takes time to learn each clients’ business before a project begins, then applies their straightforward and efficient process.
The benefits of avoiding “off the shelf” packaging are plain to see but successfully taking a different direction can appear complex. Container is a fully integrated service, fluent in English, French, Mandarin, delivering the designs that they create. It manufactures the designs that it creates ensuring that the original vision is never lost in translation. Through its Shanghai production office, Container has formed strong relationships with some of the most advanced factories in Asia and is able to offer a wide variety of manufacturing techniques as well as turnkey solutions.

Original and Mineral (O&M)
O&M hair styling products, developed in Australia, take an alternate direction with packaging and ingredients. The company researches new ways of replacing harsh chemicals with botanicals and essential oils with similar benefits. The range of O&M hair care includes 350-ml and 250-ml shampoo and conditioner bottles, and 50-ml and 250-ml styling products.
A range of simple, familiar forms, the soft matte finish, and color combination are reminiscent of a milk bottle. The unique disc cap is a new look at an existing familiar mechanism, evolved into a signature shape or stamp for the brand. The styling products are a deliberate bold contradiction emphasizing their functional nature while still following the O&M ethos.
O&M are pioneers of ammonia-free color technology. To help the brand have a strong presence in the front of the salon, Container was commissioned to produce a new identity and deliver packaging that reflected their offer of salon professional results without harsh chemicals.
The forms developed for the wet range are reminiscent of milk bottles. This gives a visual cue to the formulations within—that they are clean, natural, and nourishing. The styling products make a bold statement that helps to create visual tension when merchandised with O&M’s other products on shelf.

USPA Supernatural
USPA Supernatural hair care products is a range of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments using only pure elements and natural plant extracts. A combination of age-old botanical wisdom and modern technology, the line was developed in house by Uskincare Australia.
Container designed the packages for the worldwide launch of the Supernatural hair care range in 150-ml and 250-ml consumer bottles and 30-ml sample bottles. The package design needed to express the USPA philosophy of harnessing botanical ingredients and employing the latest technology by communicating the brand’s efforts and uniqueness. The USPA audience are knowledgeable modern consumers wanting natural yet effective products. Production is in the hundreds of thousands.
The package was designed to be as deliberately unique as the formulations contained within. The aim was to create an attention-getting, sophisticated package that was unmatched in the market. The forms are based on simple geometries of circles, squares, elements that are common the world over. The blending of the cap extending out and up represents growth, nature, and energy.
The unusual configuration of cap to body reflects the unique qualities of the brand, and the bottle color and print are visual cues to the formulations within. The clarity of the cap reveals the technology of the mechanism, a glimpse of the formulation. The combination of forms creates a strong visual presence on shelf, able to be merchandised in a variety of configurations. The packaging speaks to consumers, creates attraction, and projects its desirability.

Container Ltd. partners Brenan Liston, Jonnie Vigar, and Todd Gill have combined over 40 years of experience in the design field. Liston spent time in New York as Worldwide Design Director of Estée Lauder’s Prescriptives brand, Vigar was a designer for Condé Nast magazine titles and UK independents including Wallpaper*, and Gill has ten years of broad design experience across Asia. Contact the team at www.containermade.com or hello@containermade.com.