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Continental Packaging Creates the Ez-Cap for Easier Foil Seal Removal

Posted: February 6, 2009

Continental recently presented a brand new line of "foil removing closures." This new line of consumer convenience focused closures range from 24 mm to 120 mm.

These new lines of closures are designed to help the consumer remove the foil liner. Everyone has experienced some difficulty in removing the foil and although the industry has tried to respond to this need, the complaint persists. Continental designed the Ez Cap to address these issues.

To open the closure and foil the traditional way, unscrew the cap and poke, puncture or peel the foil with frustration. At times even having to get your keys or breaking a nail in the process. The Ez Cap offers a convenient opening method. It works by simply pushing in the button on the top of the closure and then just unscrewing the cap. The EZ Cap technology then automatically punctures, cuts, and removes the liner on the plastic bottle. Finally, the cap securely holds the liner safely underneath the cap.