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Cookie packages get inviting new look

Posted: April 15, 2014 by
Linda Casey

A bold new logo, bright colors, and photography for Anna's Thins tempt consumers to try the cookies’ distinctive flavors-- Ginger Thins, Almond Thins, Orange Thins, and Chocolate Mint Thins.

This snack line traces its origins back to Sweden in 1920s, where Anna Karlsson and her sister opened a small bakery in Stockholm to sell a ginger cookie based on their mother’s recipe. Today, more than 1 billion Anna’s Thins are sold globally. To increase the brand’s shelf appeal to its broader audience, Anna’s Thins brand owner Lotus Bakeries partnered with design firm Turner Duckworth. The new design revitalizes the brand and was rolled out for the North American market, this fall.

"We focused on the unique shape and ritual of eating Anna's cookies," says Sarah Moffat, Turner Duckworth Creative Director. “The cookie cutter appears to have actually cut the window in the packaging, revealing the cookies inside. We turned a potential negative—broken cookies— into a positive, by observing Swedish folklore and inviting people to make a wish.”

To commemorate this significant occasion, Lotus Bakeries and Turner Duckworth also designed a special collector’s edition Anna’s tin, which will be included for a limited-time in all Anna’s Thins three-package trays at retailers across North America.

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