Coty and QSLD Create Packaging Set with Piña Colada Theme

Posted: May 6, 2014

Coty selected French designer Denis Boudard, president and founder of QSLD Design Group, to design and dress up its new limited edition summer duo, Night Life by Esprit. "For this project, Coty envisioned putting the essence of summer nights in a bottle without betraying the youthful and energetic side of the fashion brand." says Boudard. "Like Coty, we thought that the good times of summer might come in a Piña Colada theme."

For Night Life by ESPRIT for Women, Coty worked on a fragrance with a heady opening of cyclamen, pineapple, and fresh coconut, and Night Life by ESPRIT for Men has a masculine take on the Piña Colada theme with a zesty top note of mandarin, citron, and apple.

"These products arrived with very addictive scents that we had to translate through fresh and glamorous packaging that have to maintain the actual Life bottle DNA," adds Boudard. "Likewise, we had to evoke the ‘summer nightlife' concept and sell the idea of using these fragrances night and day. The concept of addiction was ever-present in this project."

As a result, this duo of bottles features bold flowers in exotic twilight tones of pink and purple evoking magical sunsets on the beach, while his highlights stalks of exotic bamboo in a medley of greens and oranges. The boxes echo the motifs of the bottle like an open invitation to become part of the addiction.