Crown Helps Batter Blaster Put a New Twist on Breakfast

Posted: January 6, 2009

The Organic Batter Blasterâ„¢ Original Pancake & Waffle Batter promises light, fluffy pancakes or crisp, airy waffles in a matter of minutes with zero prep work. The batter is dispensed from innovative metal packaging supplied by Crown Aerosol Packaging USA, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc.

The Batter Blaster package significantly enhances the product's convenience and consumer interaction with the brand. Consumers simply shake the container, spray the batter into a pan or waffle iron, and serve. No added ingredients or mixing is required.

Batter Blaster uses the highest-quality USDA Certified Organic ingredients, including Certified Humane cage-free organic eggs. The eco-friendly message is echoed in the choice to use steel packaging, which is 100% recyclable.

"The environmental advantages of metal were a key factor in selecting this format for our packaging, particularly because we are marketing an organic product," says Sean O'Connor, CEO and founder of Batter Blaster LLC. "In fact, we actively promote the sustainability of our packaging because we want our customers to feel good about using the product from start to finish."

The packaging and its CO2 propelled dispensing system also play integral roles in maintaining the viscosity of the batter throughout its shelf and storage life, ensuring the first pancake or waffle is as good as the last. The 18-oz. package contains enough batter for roughly 28 4-inch pancakes. "The launch of Batter Blasterâ„¢ Original Pancake & Waffle Batter is a great example of how metal packaging can help turn innovative ideas into marketable products," explains Brad Dahlgren, v.p. sales at Crown Aerosol Packaging USA.