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Crown Makes Aerosol Jewelry Cleaner Shine on Shelf

Posted: May 2, 2014

High-end jewelry deserves an equally luxurious cleaning product. That’s the basic premise behind Shine by Collé, a unique jewelry cleaning mousse marketed by Collé Products LLC and brought to life with the help of Crown Aerosol Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc. (
“Jewelry is an opportunity to express one’s individuality and personality and each piece deserves to be maintained to the highest possible standards,” says Thadine Clifton, founder and CEO of Collé Products LLC. “Our mission with Shine by Collé is to make it simple and convenient to bring out the luster of fine and costume jewelry—but in an unconventional way.”
To Clifton, that meant not only exploring alternatives to the spray pumps and jars used to package most jewelry cleaners, but also developing an entirely new product formulation. A chance encounter with a Crown representative led to a close collaboration between the companies and the development of a quick break mousse formulation dispensed from a slim 45mm aerosol container. A large, clear overcap tops off the package and serves double duty as a cleaning dish, adding convenience. Consumers simply remove the cap, fill it with mousse, and drop in jewelry. The quick break foam dissipates in three to five minutes, leaving behind sparkling clean jewelry.
From the outset, Shine by Collé was developed to be an environmentally friendly product. All ingredients are sourced from eco-friendly distributors and are non-toxic. This mindset also served as a key driver in the selection of steel packaging, which is 100% recyclable.
“Our goal was to create a high quality product that consumers could feel good about using,” explains Clifton. “Steel packaging was an ideal choice for us from a sustainability perspective, but also because it differentiates Shine by Collé on the retail shelf and lends the premium look and feel we wanted for our brand.”
Crown worked closely with Collé Products, LLC to launch the product in time for inclusion in gift bags at the 2010 Oscar Awards. To meet tight deadlines, shrink labels were applied for the initial run. All future production has been shifted to direct decoration.