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Eddie Opara on Pantone

Posted: May 25, 2016

Eddie Opara Pantone Formula Guide

Video Transcript

SUPER: “What do you create?”

VO (Interviewer): What do you create?

VO (Eddie Opara): I’ve never had anybody ask me that question.


VO (Eddie Opara): Umm...thanks a lot for that.

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VO (Eddie Opara): That’s a...I got it, actually. (Laughter) Initially I designed because I was told to. As a kid, the first think I ever designed was a logo for my Mum’s association. She was my first client. She was my first argument. She was also the first time I actually quit a client. I loved working the abstract. That to me is very sort of, um, forthright. Truthful, a fundamental thing for me is whether or not I see this sort of kernel of what I initially conceived in that. If I don’t, then I know it’s not my creation. Any time you see new colors, you’re sort of enlightened to utilize them in a brave, new way. The PANTONE Book is quintessential. It’s a book that when you open it, you can see what you’ve loved. It has a past, it has this sense of history. That’s the reason why Pantone is perfect. It allows people like myself to reproduce that color again and again and again without compromise. It’s always good to have new perspectives. There’s so much poetry within color and how can one determine the sense of difference. We need to have diversity. New Pantone. New enlightenment.

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