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Energy drink to debut in self-chilling can

Posted: April 17, 2014 by
Linda Casey

Scheduled to launch the end of the Q1 2012, West Coast Chill Pure Energy Drink will be packaged in a self-chilling can. The can uses the EPA Stratospheric Award winning Microcool technology, developed, patented, and licensed by Joseph Company International, which is eco-friendly using CO2 reclaimed from the atmosphere, and activated carbon ascertained from a renewable vegetable source. An activation button on the can allows the beverage to drop 30 degrees within minutes. The Chill Can does not require any energy and eliminates the need for any refrigeration as it Chills on Demand™ anytime anywhere.

"The Chill Can will revolutionize the beverage industry, and the way the consumer perceives a cold drink," according to Joseph Company International CEO, Mitchell J. Joseph.