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EskoArtwork's ArtiosCAD Reduces Review Revisions for York Container

Posted: April 17, 2014

York Container, a leading end-to-end packaging supplier, is using EskoArtwork's ArtiosCAD structural design software to boost productivity and reduce revisions during the design review cycle. Established in 1954, York Container is a single source supplier of corrugated shipping containers, retail packaging, and POP displays. With advanced tools and a staff of nearly 200, York offers complete solutions through the entire packaging production workflow.
York's varied customer base requires a wide range of packaging to move their products. ArtiosCAD's parametrics plays a key role in helping Troy Little, director of design, deliver products to its customers on a timely basis. "Parametrics allows us to automatically resize designs, quickly and efficiently," says Little. "If you have an existing drawing, and want the same dimensions but 20% larger, ArtiosCAD can do it very quickly. Or, let's say the original design was created in B flute, but after doing some compression testing we change it to C flute. Instead of redesigning the packaging allowances in the different flute, ArtiosCAD automatically resizes the scoring allowances. Our previous system couldn't redesign anything easily. The design either had to be redrawn or manipulated manually."
ArtiosCAD lets designers make "changes in seconds and return the designs to the CAD table, so that we can cut samples," says Little. "It takes the workload off the designer; the system does the work for us."
Job specifications with customer style requirements are added to the ArtiosCAD Standards Catalog, further speeding production and time to market. "We have specific criteria that we want to see in our designs—criteria that fits our customers' equipment, for example," explains Little. "Once we have a drawing set up as a standard, no matter which of our designers works on any particular job, the style will always be consistent going into production."
Once changes are applied globally to a standard, all drawings generated to that style will reflect the newer style, with all the revisions. York uses HRMS business management system software, and it connects easily to ArtiosCAD through EskoArtwork's SpecLink. For more, visit