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'Expert' Cream Jar Achieves 'Lift' in Face Care Market

Posted: November 3, 2009

RPC Bramlage's expertise in the manufacture of unusual shapes and eye-catching technical effects for cosmetics packaging is highlighted in the launch of a thick-walled cream jar for the latest skincare innovation from Nivea Visage: Expert Lift. The Nivea Visage Expert Lift range consists of four products (Day Cream, Night Cream, Beauty Tonic, and Eye Cream) that offer a complete facial skincare solution especially developed for the demanding skin care needs of women aged 50+.

Beiersdorf wanted a packaging format that would symbolize the range's luxurious qualities, and developed the cream jar (which is used to package the Day Cream and Night Cream products) in close co-operation with RPC Bramlage. The package features an innovative dual-layer construction, with a colored inner jar visible inside the clear outer container. While the overall package achieves a 'glass effect,' the use of plastics offers significant lightweight and shatterproof advantages that make it safe and practical for both the end user and the supply chain.

RPC Bramlage has utilized unusual materials to achieve the package's distinctive look. The outer container is injection molded in a type of polystyrene to achieve a luxurious thick-walled effect. The inner jar is manufactured in violet polypropylene, shaded to suit the product (a lighter color differentiates the Day Cream from the darker Night Cream). The two-part lid uses the same combination of polystyrene outer and polypropylene inner components, but is also metalized for further on-shelf impact. Finally, labels applied to the outer jar by Beiersdorf enhance the premium effect. For more, visit