Extensive Pre-Press Strategy Helps Popcorn Company Thrive

Posted: August 31, 2015 by
Katie Mann

Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn delivers a product with simple ingredients and great taste.

“And our bags are something we’re very proud of,” says Joe Driscoll, vice president of marketing for Angie’s. “If you walk any snack aisle, you’re going to see a lot of beige and dark colors, you don’t see any bright colors on the shelf and we have that portfolio.”

The popcorn comes in many different flavors including the seasonal flavors, pumpkin spice and frosted sugar cookie. It’s wrapped in a multi-leered film foil bag to maintain freshness of the popcorn.

Before going to press, there are a lot of pre-press steps that go into making BOOMCHICKAPOP look appealing to the consumer.

“Typically in our design process our marketing director Mary Hanrahan works directly with our designers to develop some initial color concepts,” says Driscoll. “We pull the team together and review color combinations.”

Shortly after, the team route’s the design in digital form to all the team members to make sure the copy and nutrition information on the packaging is correct.

“Once the design is released to print, a member of our team and or our designer heads to the printer for a first run or pre-press review,” he concludes.

When the product design is off to the printer, the team feels an accomplishment.