Field Notes: A Snack to Savor

Posted: August 22, 2014 by
Linda Casey

The Brand
Inspired by the Mediterranean meals shared with his family and friends in Greece, Telemaque Lavidas sought to recreate that experience for the fast pace of modern life in the U.S. The result: Mediterra—an all natural snack bar line that features vegetables as well as fruit and grains.

There are six flavor combinations in the overall line, and two are part of the Savory Bar subset— tomato/basil/capers and olive/walnut/chives. High-end photography and a simple design aim to quickly introduce shoppers to the unusual snack bar flavor combinations and make the bars craveable.

Does this design support Mediterra’s goal to reinvent snacking for modern Americans? Package Design readers weigh in.

The Verdict
The way the ingredients are presented on the spoon is very unique to the nutrition bar category. The top-down high quality shot of the spoon with ingredients is usually seen in oatmeals, cereals, soups and ice cream.

The use of white is very predominant in this category. I would be concerned about how this product would differentiate from the rest of competition. It would be a worthy recommendation to explore the addition of color to the design.
Sam J. Ciulla
CEO and executive creative director at Ciulla Associates

This package design screams “premium”—the white background portrays a white linen tablecloth akin to a fine dining restaurant. The well-executed food photography does an excellent job depicting the high quality ingredients and flavors enjoyed in each bite. One suggestion is to repurpose the color banner at the bottom of each pouch and place it directly behind each bar flavor name, just above each spoonful. In this position, the color banner will help declutter the copy in the upper area and boldly announce the different product flavors—allowing for faster eye-recognition when making a purchase decision.
Eric Steigelman
Bonfire Wines founder and CEO

From a positioning standpoint, it has a great deal of authenticity and a new compelling approach. How refreshing! It is widely understood that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best in the world. Consumers seeking a healthier snack will be seeking out this brand.

From a design standpoint, the vertical orientation will also be disruptive as is the clean minimal style. As the rest of the category language tends to opt for a bold and powerful style graphic formula, this will stand out without the need to scream. A simple-to-understand ingredients story but a little confusing possibly that you are to eat this with your hands and not a fork or spoon. Consistent pack architecture helps to easily explain and navigate the brand from left to right while also allowing enough room to grow the flavor profiles. It’s very helpful should a retailer choose not to include all the SKUs at first. All in all, a brave and elegant start to a brand.
Fred Richards
Kaleidoscope chief creative officer and partner

Clean design without clutter and noise. I like the use of utensils as a focal point. My favorite package is for the black olives and walnuts bar as it plays up the Mediterranean theme. I would have liked to see some pistachios as whole, but think this will be a successful package in any setting.
Mike Enayah
director of industrial design, Scor Creative at Amcor