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FLEX and DJPA Create a New Design to Continue 111 Years of Grolsch Tradition

Posted: May 6, 2014

The Grolsch brand has been closely tied to swing-top bottle for 111 years. The designers from the Dutch design office of FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB® recently developed a new, contemporary design of the brand icon.

In cooperation with Grolsch, FLEX has developed a bottle that meets the brewer’s objective to put the swing-top on the map more clearly in The Netherlands as well as abroad. In addition, Grolsch wants to appeal to the younger target group by giving the brand icon a more contemporary appearance. The new green swing-top bottle has several characteristic details that go well with the bright, powerful Grolsch image.

FLEX has also worked on the new crate that holds 16 swing-top bottles. The Netherlands brand identity firm DJPA Partnership is responsible for the two-dimensional graphic design of both bottle and crate. The new green swing-top bottle is scheduled for market introduction in The Netherlands at the end of April 2008.

The new swing-top bottle once again emphasizes the Grolsch mission to break the homogeneity in the beer market. One year ago, Grolsch introduced the highly successful green Grolsch return bottle, also designed by FLEX. They succeeded in realizing a design that turned the embossing on the bottle into part of the brand strategy, making the Grolsch identity tangible.

The FLEX designers have held on to this tactile philosophy in the design of the new swing-top bottle. Once again, the striking and familiar Grolsch logo has been prominently debossed into the glass on both sides of the bottle, and the sides are again flattened for convenient gripping. This grip is even further improved by adding three embossed stripes on both sides of the bottle, a reference to stripes that once adorned the swing-top bottle.

The bottle is slightly higher and narrower than its predecessor, but the designers deliberately maintained the classic swing-top and characteristic form elements to be clearly recognized. In designing the crate, the designers clearly aimed at optimizing the visibility of the brand icon in the beer shelves and at being distinctive. “The swing-top is synonymous for the unique and adventurous image the Grolsch brand has,” says Ab Pasman, chairman of the board at Grolsch. “Introducing the new small green bottle in 2006 and the new swing-top now definitely adds ‘contemporary’ to our brand values.”