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Flowdesign Helps Synaura International Launch "Avia" Supplement

Posted: June 5, 2009

Synaura International ( has just released Avia (pronounced like the first three syllables of "aviation"), a 4-formula liquid supplement built around a unique berry called Maqui. The Avia formula was created by Dr. Kenneth Kroll, a Harvard medical doctor who is a board certified surgeon as well as board certified in anti-aging medicine.

The Maqui itself in scientific studies has shown to have the highest ORAC value of any known fruit or berry on earth. It contains the highest concentrations of polyphenols and anthocyanins, which boast hundreds of scientific studies as to their efficacy in human health. What makes Avia really stand out is its "SynPlex" technology. This technology allows Avia to become the world's first time-release beverage.

Thousands of tiny microcapsules are suspended within the liquid. Each capsule contains an ingredient shown in scientific studies to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and powerful anti-oxidant. The shells of the capsules are not only PH sensitive but are also different thicknesses. As the liquid along with its microcapsules is digested, the ingredients within the shells are slowly released, causing a time-release effect and allowing a prolonged health benefit than what might be seen with a liquid alone.

Synaura hired Flowdesign (, an award-winning design firm specializing in branding and package design for the food and beverage market. "The challenge for us was to create a brand image that differentiated itself from the multitude of juice products in the multi-level marketing product arena," says Dan Matauch, founder of Flowdesign.

After learning more about Avia's unique ingredients from owner Dan Maltais, Flowdesign focused their attention on the origins of the Maqui berry (Chile, South America) and its patented "SynPlex" technology time released capsules. Flowdesign first developed the brand image, the butterfly that represents life renewal. The dots surrounding the logo represent the time-released capsules that are in every bottle of Avia.

The 750-ml glass bottle was then developed around the brand image. The final bottle design has high straight shoulders, which transcend into tapered sides that blend into a soft-footed base. The base of the bottle has glass beads that go around 360 degrees which mirror the dots of the brand logo. The bottle is topped off with a 28-mm plastic screw cap and covered with a PVC shrink capsule for tamper evidence.

The unique design helps it stand out from its competitors. The clear glass is upscale and allows the product to be shown, the overall shape is strong and sexy, and the type of shape you would expect to see for a leading health and wellness juice product. A 4-oz. companion bottle that is covered with a full-sleeve shrink label.