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Flowdesign Helps XanGo™ with the Next Step in Their Global Expansion

Posted: May 6, 2014

XanGo's new bottle is a result of an upgraded manufacturing process implemented to meet surging demand. The design and function of the new XanGo bottle are essential pieces of this brand evolution. Each step further solidifies XanGo’s market leadership and paves the way for rapid and sustainable expansion. Each development has been carefully weighed, considered and implemented in order to maintain the worldwide leadership of XanGo and brand recognition that helps each of its distributors continue to build a successful business.

Redesigning the bottle shape to accommodate modifications in the filling process was a challenge. After developing several new shape alternatives that worked well with the modified filling process, the final selected shape best fit into the brand’s equity evolution. The new shape has a taller and wider neck as well as a slightly different shaped body. Other steps were taken to give the design a more contemporary feel.

The bottle design kept its distinctive carved swoosh, but lost the embossed stars. The label and capsule design was also updated. The XanGo name is now prominent on the top in a contemporary font and the Asian character from its original label has been carried over as a circular icon placed on the bottom. “This process was a true balancing act,” says Dan Matauch, principal of Flowdesign. “Our main concern was to keep the brand’s key equity components.”