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French Food Companies and Consumers Embrace Crown’s Convenient Peel Seam™

Posted: March 2, 2005 by
Ron Romanik

Saupiquet, France’s leading canned fish provider, launched a new “La Tranche” line of albacore tuna slices in cans featuring vibrantly decorated Peel Seam™ peelable lids. The 5.5 oz. package is 31/4" long, and was the first tuna in the French market to feature a peelable lid.

The Peel Seam flexible aluminum lid features a tab for easy lifting. By grasping the tab and peeling off the lid, the consumer is able to open the can smoothly and easily with a simple, fluid movement. The Peel Seam opening system consists of a steel ring which is sealed with a peelable flexible aluminum lid and seamed onto the can. The rounded can is perfectly adapted to the shape of the tuna slice and its rigidity ensures that each tuna fillet reaches consumers in perfect condition.

“Our customers demand high quality fish products in easy-to-open packaging,” said the Marketing Director at Saupiquet. “Crown’s Peel Seam technology provides enhanced consumer convenience while keeping tuna fresh, soft, and flavorful.” The new package also allows for branding advantages, with vibrant print on the bottom and side of the cans, and with crisp, eye-catching gravure printing on the Peel Seam lid.

Ready-made meals
William Saurin has launched a new line of ready-to-eat-straight-from-thebowl meat salads called “Salades Gourmandes” with a metal bowl and Peel Seam lid. This steel bowl has a volume of about 10.5 fluid ounces, and was the best option for providing consumer convenience, ensuring product freshness, and enhancing shelfappeal, all after withstanding a challenging retort process.

“The Crown solution enables consumers to enjoy a tasty meal with a new level of ease,” explains Laurence Masce, product manager at William Saurin. “The lightweight, durable package can easily be carried in a handbag, briefcase, or lunch box without spilling.”

The rigidity of steel makes the Crown bowl easy to distribute and handle. Says Masce, “One of the reasons we selected the Crown solution is because it keeps our products crispy and flavorful.”


The can body, smooth lid, and foil tab also feature high-quality print, bright colors, crisp logos and modern graphics. Wrapped in a carton board, the packaging is presented vertically, ensuring strong point of purchase appeal.

Portable, safe desserts
Mont Blanc “Crème Dessert” puddings and Riz au Lait rice pudding desserts come in “Snack Pak” sized, single-serving bowls with Peel Seam peelable lids. As children are a major consumer of Mont Blanc desserts, the enhanced easy-open convenience and safety of the Peel Seam peelable lid, with no sharp edges, were very important.

Parents also look for the new package when they’re shopping, since this single-serve packaging offers so much portability. The canned product does not require refrigeration and can be eaten directly from the bowl.

Maintaining the sweet flavor and freshness of their chocolate, vanilla, caramel, praline, and rice pudding desserts, prepared exclusively with cream from Normandy, was a key concern for Mont Blanc, which controls over 74% of the processed dessert market in France.