From the Editor: Celebrating Change, in Print, Online and in Person

Posted: August 19, 2014 by
Linda Casey

The response to our magazine’s redesign is amazing. Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback, including Christopher Durham, founder of My Private Brand, who comments, “I received the latest issue of the magazine, and I have to say I am stunned. You have created the standard for the modern trade magazine.”

Terri Goldstein, CEO of The Goldstein Group, echoed the sentiment, in an email to publisher Gerri Brownstein and me, “Your new format (so deliciously large) and the paper and graphics and content blew my mind!”

Brian Schultz, founder of Brian Schultz Design and whose agency was a competitor in the 2013 Makeover Challenge, also praised the work of our art director Don Heyl noting the magazine now has “a great, fresh, new look!”

This year’s Makeover Challenge, sponsored by FiberMark North America, has the potential to do more than just transform a brand. It could change a category.

The brand, Kelley Quan New York, sells premium, vegan, makeup brushes. Competitive audits by the four Makeover Challenge agencies show most high-end makeup brushes are made from fur not vegan materials, and packaging innovation for the category is lacking.

The competitors worked with Kelley Quan, a professional makeup artist and the woman behind the Kelley Quan New York brand, to create concepts, (click here to view) that would bring excitement at the retail level, market the product after it’s left the makeup counter, and protect the end-user’s investment beautifully.

The focus on breakthrough strategy continues. Jennifer Adams of design firm SGK, expresses her excitement about the upcoming Design Matters video interview with the vice president of breakthrough innovation at Kraft Foods Group, Barry Calpino, and head of design at Kraft Foods Group, Peter Borowski. “Peter and I worked together at FRCH,” she remarks. “Peter is so talented, funny and just a great guy.” Couldn’t agree more, Jennifer. Find a sneak peek of the video interview by clicking here.

These videos are just the beginning. The speaker proposals for our inaugural Package Design Matters Conference to be held in Naples, FL, in January, are awe inspiring. I can hardly wait to share some of the innovative work that will be featured as well as the striking strategic discussions plan. We hope you can join us, January 12 to 14, 2015. And, as always, thank you for reading.