Glamorous and Green

Posted: September 6, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

The stunning glow and dimension of this month's cover invite readers to reach for the shaker and one of the bottles in an Agent 007 moment in time. It's an artistic achievement made possible by a combination of sophisticated technologies that include metallized, transfer brushed paper and UV inks. And to make it even more impressive, the substrates and processes are environmentally sound.

Hazen Paper, Holyoke, MA, produced the metallized "brushed" cover paper for the piece using a new transfer brushed film from Brushfoil, a Division of Interfilm Holdings Inc. in Guilford, CT. The printing was performed at AM Lithography Corporation in Chicopee, MA, with a process known for its low- to no-volatile organic compound emissions. AM Lithography printed the cover sheets on a six-color Komori sheetfed offset press with interdeck dryers that permit UV printing.

"It's a brand new product and this is its first exposure," says Jim Parker, Brushfoil's manager. "Until this breakthrough, the brushed appearance could only be achieved with a with a laminated film and this is considered environmentally unfriendly. We've developed this film for the upscale market so that it can be used without the need to worry about it causing problems in landfills."

John Hazen, CEO of Hazen Paper, explains that his company laminates the paper stock with the film. The process actually strips away a light layer of the metal onto the paper. "We can then reuse the film carrier," Hazen says. "It's a sustainable technology. We see this cover as a good way to promote transfer metallization."

All of the companies involved in this project are established firms that have evolved with market demands. Founded in 1982, Brushfoil ( is considered the world leader in pioneering graphic brushed label face stocks, laminating films, and paper stocks for applications in the manufacturing and converting industries.

"We are customer service driven and our answer is always 'yes'," says Parker. "Because we pay close attention to every detail, we deliver what we promiseā€”unsurpassed quality, on time. With over 60 combined years of experience in film converting, we essentially become a technology partner with our customers. This expertise and knowledge of the industry has led to this exciting new development of an environmentally friendly, transfer brushed film."

Hazen Paper (, a family owned firm whose history dates back to 1925, is a world-class paper converter specializing in film and foil laminations, gravure printing, specialty coating, and rotary embossing. Hazen products enjoy wide acceptance for use in luxury packaging, bookbinding, lottery, and other security tickets, tags, and labels as well as for photo and fine art mounting.

John Hazen says the company's important strengths are advanced transfer metallizing production capabilities with vertically integrated manufacturing operations. They offer technical services and deep production know-how.

"Our multiple production locations include a brand new, state of the art, low cost laminating and sheeting operation in Osgood, IN, and the worlds most advanced holographic origination laboratory is located at our technology center in Massachusetts," Hazen says. "We offer one-stop shopping for metallized papers and films of all types, including brushed and holographic and fast turnarounds."

Last, but hardly least, AM Lithography's ( printing brought the project to life and added even more shimmer. "The UV process we used gave us the ability to dry trap and literally work on the cover immediately after printing it as the UV lamps cure the inks instantaneously," explains Jacques Wood, sales manager at AM Lithography, which opened its doors in 1985. In addition to UV printing AM offers Hi-Fi color. It can also produce lenticular printing, specialty packaging, and direct mail.

"Our company's most important strengths are the people who actually work for us," Wood concludes. "Experience in the workplace is something that cannot be overlooked. This in combination with the incredible amount of technology and flexibility in equipment we have that has kept our firm growing strong over the last several years."Ā