Gravure Association of America

Posted: September 20, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

The Gravure Association of America Inc. (GAA), is the technical and marketing resource for the gravure industry, and serves its members through educational and strategic conferences, publication of the bimonthly magazine Gravure, and the hosting of a number of specialized councils that address specific industry needs. Aside from the Packaging category winners here, the GAA also gave out nine Product awards, five Publication awards, and four Supplier Innovation awards.

Best of the Best
USPS Postage Stamps of the U.S.
Printer: Avery Dennison Security Printing
Engraver: WRE/ColorTech
Press Manufacturer: Dai Nippon Kiko
Substrate: Fasson Roll Division
Ink: Siegwerk Druckfarben AG

These postage stamps showcased outstanding printing with incredible detail. The quality of print and hidden die-cut used on the "Southern Florida Wetland" sample especially exhibit what is required for quality today. The halftone images are fine and the type is clean, crisp and truly outstanding. These were 10-color printed on non-phosphorus pressure sensitive stamp stock with a 50 pound liner using type "C" inks by Siegwerk Inks and a phosphorus coating over the stamps only (spot coating).

Narrow Web (26-Inch & Less)
Bolthouse Farms Fruit Smoothie
Separator, Printer: SleeveCo Inc.
Engraver: WRE/ColorTech
Designer: HMS Design
Press Manufacturer: W.R. Chestnut
Substrate: SKC
Ink: Sun Chemical Corp.

Rotogravure was the only possible choice to achieve the numerous effects within the shrink sleeve on this winning entry. A photographic quality and 3D image are what will attract the buyer's attention to this new product.

Flexible Packaging, Film
Advance Brands Chicken Breast Patties
Engraver, Printer: Nordenia USA
Separator: Vertis
Printer: Windemoeller & Hoelscher
Designer: Advance Brands
Substrate: Film Products
Ink: Siegwerk Farbenfabrik

Flexible Packaging, Paper
President's Choice Concerto
Printer: Sonoco Flexible Packaging
Separator, Engraver: Keating Gravure (Canada)
Press Manufacturer: Rotomec
Substrate: Dunn Paper
Inks: Sun Chemical Corp.

This family of packages with six-color printing required that the color be accurately held with viscosity controls over a period of six hours of run time. Excellent saturation was achieved through good ink release. According to one of the judges, the impact of the lamination is the highlight of these pieces.

Labels/Wrappers, Film
Bud Light Beach Scene
Separator, Printer: SleeveCo Inc.
Engraver: WRE/ColorTech
Designer: Anheuser-Busch
Press Manufacturer: W.R. Chestnut
Ink: Sun Chemical Corp.

Due to the intricate nature of the image, gravure printing was necessary to obtain the detailed design, 10 colors, as well as clarity and precise hues of human features. The label achieved the intended promotional value within an extremely tight timeframe to printing over 20 million labels.

AK Rocker 100
Separator, Engraver, Printer: Packaging Corp. of America
Press Manufacturer: Cerutti
Substrate: MeadWestvaco
Ink: Sun Chemical Corp.

The complexity of this package image made it a perfect choice for gravure printing. Tight registration and color control ensure the impeccable detail and color balance

Labels/Wrappers, Paper
Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat (Miller Brewing Co.)
Separator, Engraver, Printer: Multi-Color Corp.

The key to the effects of this winning label is the modified five-color process allowing the metalized paper to show through and create transparent areas.

Lark 1, Ultra Menthol (Japan)
Separator, Engraver: Keating North America
Printer: Shorewood Packaging

Using a combination of electronic and direct laser engraved cylinders, this product used the best of all technologies to exceed the high standards of the customer.

Technical Innovation
Plastican Inc. (5-Gallon Can)
Printer: Multi-Color Corp.
Separator, Engraver: Rotadyne
Press Manufacturer: Bobst Champlain

Using the new, innovative flameless chemistry gave this award-winner a unique application process which proved to be a real advantage during the decoration process.