Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council’s Compliance Package of the Year

Posted: November 15, 2016

Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council’s Compliance Package of the Year
HCPC’s Compliance Package of the Year competition has been held since 1995 and recognizes the most innovative pharmaceutical package designs. The annual Compliance Package of the Year, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up recognize current packages on the market.


Compliance Package of the Year

Vertex Orkambi 

By: PCI Pharma Services

Vertex Orkambi is provided in convenient daily blister units, with graphics clearly highlighting the a.m. and p.m. dosing requirements. Individual blister units are file packed into a weekly organizer carton, with individual days neatly arranged to illustrate the daily regimen. Dosing instructions are positioned to educate the patient, reminding patients to take the a.m. and p.m. doses 12 hours apart and to take their medicine with fat containing foods. Four weekly packs are provided in an outer monthly carton, which contains graphics that further reinforce dosing instructions as well as the FDA-approved labelling.



Compliance Package of the Year First Runner Up

Merck Januvia 

By: Westrock

The Januvia Medication Package promotes patient medication adherence through the use of a custom design that integrates: A calendared blister, clearly labeled by day on each individual pill cavity, highlighting the 4 week dosing regimen. Visual cues prompt medication taking and tracking; a 5/6th panel provides space for medication information and dosing instructions, and branding for Merck and Januvia on the outer package's readable, flat space. 



Compliance Package of the Year Second Runner Up


By: PCI Pharma Services

Afrezza is provided to patients in color coded pre-filled cartridges. Individual cartridges are blister packed in quantities of 15 based on a color coding system to indicate the strength. The pouched unit reinforces the color coding methodology by utilizing the drug strength colors in the package graphics, in addition to providing detailed instructions for refrigeration of the product as well as equilibration requirements prior to dosing, bringing the product up to room temperature. Additionally, the pouch graphics identify that once a blister strip is opened to access the cartridges, they must be used within 72 hours.

Also provided to the patient are two pre-wrapped inhalers in a prepackaged carton, protecting the inhaler from dust, particulate, etc. Carton artwork provides detailed dosing instructions, a color coded dosing chart based on the number of units needed per dose, as well as a calendar to guide the patient in timely replacement of the disposable inhaler unit. The carton also reinforces the storage requirements for Afrezza.