Prepress & Workflow

High-end dog treats challenge industry with packaging

Posted: August 28, 2015 by
Katie Mann

Fruitables Pet Food, a natural high-end dog treat company produced its recent BioActive dental bones, BioActive Fresh Mouth, in a flexible, flat-bottom bag with side gussets, along with its partnership with Excel Packaging.

“For us, we used the fairly new format to communicate a lot of information on the bag,” says CEO of Fruitables Pet Food Kevin Swenke. “That flat-bottom bag gives a beautiful front and back panel, we went to this format and a Velcro zipper.”

Swenke says one of the challenges in the pet treat industry is the products should remain fresh and if the consumer doesn’t re-seal the product, it dries out.

“People love the feel of It [Velcro], and we find we get a higher percentage of consumers that close the bag,” he says.

As with any process of design, the pre-press process is an important aspect to review and strategically plan out the next steps with the product.

The specific pre-press process that Fruitables BioActive went through is as follows:

  • Physical mockups for product fit (create die lines)
  • Conceptual art design
  • Creation of 3-D high resolution images of the design for consumer feedback
  • Art refinement, final design
  • Create color hard copy proofs printed by the designer and provided with the art files
  • Press sheets
  • Hand formed full mockups using color proofs (including zipper) for use as key account sales samples
  • Final print

“The BioActive design had some very specific design elements, colors and gradients in combination with flat and glossy treatments that we wanted to make sure and get right on the first print so we went through a few more steps in pre-press,” Swenke concludes.