Iggesund Paperboard Impresses with Diamond Pack Cigarette Cartons

Posted: May 6, 2014

It was an unusual assignment for project manager Patrick Peronace and CAD designer Roger Nützi of the packaging company Amcor Rentsch. The client was Iggesund Paperboard, the maker of Invercote and normally a supplier to Amcor Rentsch.

“Superficially, all paperboard is the same,” comments Philippe Talon, business director, tobacco at Iggesund. “It’s only when you have to do something with it—print on it and shape it into packaging—that the differences start to become apparent.” In this case the test was the extreme construction design developed by AmcorRentsch after some creative sessions with Iggesund.

The design has been named Diamond Pack. It looks like a cigarette box with extremely rounded corners which give the pack an hourglass shape and a visible “waist”. To achieve the extraordinary shape, the designers used considerably more creasing lines compared to a normal rounded corner box on an average carton. Not less than 112 creasing lines were used to create the Diamond Pack’s basic shape.

According to the company, Invercote from Iggesund is a favorite material in the design studio, because it causes a minimum of problems in the process of taking a prototype and making it function well in the production lines. “Many large companies buy Invercote even though there are many alternatives,” Talon says. “That’s because they often do their homework in the form of calculations—they usually know down to the second or third decimal point what a production stoppage costs them.”

Mike Lauper, CEO of Amcor-Rentsch in Switzerland says that this package is well in line with the current market trends for tobacco packaging. “Over the last years, almost all of the companies have been trying to reduce the weight for environmental and cost reasons,” Lauper says. “These days it seems to be more important to give the pack a strong feeling of quality when the customer holds it in his hand. As a result, the board grammage of cigarette packs tends to increase again. The Diamond Pack’s waist makes it easy to hold and gives it a quality feel.” Visit