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Posted: December 15, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

PBD's T-Mobile Design Wins International Award

San Francisco's Philippe Becker Design (PBD) was awarded three prestigious International Brand Packaging Awards for Creative Excellence. PBD received a gold award for "T-Mobile To Go," a silver award for "Foster Farms Smoothies," and a bronze award for "Jensen's Veggie Chips."

The T-Mobile To Go challenge was to create a compelling and proprietary identity in a clamshell structure and retail packaging system targeting a young audience. PBD delivered a fresh T-Mobile To Go brand identity in a proprietary "shopping bag" style clamshell that works with all handset models and provides increased space for branding and graphics.

Packaging graphics include a new multi-colored, digital-looking square pattern to further define the To Go line. The bold new photography on a clean white background grabs attention and stands out from the pack at retail. The International Brand Packaging Awards honor innovative marketers, designers, and suppliers from around the world. Visit PBD at

Package Makeover Promotes Frozen Fish with Clear Water Imagery and Vibrant Graphics

A year ago, Sea Star Seafood moved into a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This year, they debuted a fresh new look for their popular Beacon Light brand of frozen seafood to reflect the high quality of their product, thanks to Wright Design in Acton, MA. The eye-catching contemporary design incorporates a red ribbon that clearly highlights the fish variety details for easy consumer recognition. An appetizing serving suggestion photo graces the front and the background is an inviting "pattern" of clear, cool water.

Bob Hill, principal of Wright Design, says the new identity and packaging bring the seafood back to the sea, where it belongs. Hill succeeded in building brand identity through the packaging, creating an impressive billboard effect at point of sale. Working within the restraints of existing packaging forms and possible distortion from shrink wrapping, Hill incorporated abstract, visual motion with clear, crisp designs and wavy type. When multiple varieties are displayed side-by-side, display cases create, an ocean of product.

"It's really effective at the point of sale," Hill says. "It just works." The new packaging also offers more information than ever, including nutritional facts, species-specific information, an easy-to-make recipe, a website link to many more recipes, as well as product quality and freshness statements.

"We redesigned our logo and packaging in a way that promises to drive strong consumer interest in any one of our offerings displayed in the freezer section," says Sea Star Seafood president James R. Faro. "Our retail partners who've seen previews of the new packaging are welcoming it enthusiastically."

Kabbalah Energy Drink Launches in Rexam's 12-oz. SLEEK™ Cans

Kabbalah is more than a celebrity-endorsed spiritual philosophy — it's an energy drink, too. Kabbalah Energy Drink is a citrus-flavored carbonated beverage which contains taurine, B vitamins, and caffeine, and is infused with "Kabbalah water." Produced by Power Brands and 7 Up, Kabbalah Energy Drink has become one of the first beverages to hit the market contained in one of the new distinctive SLEEK™ Cans from Rexam.

"This packaging concept is exactly what we wanted in differentiating our brand in the crowded beverage marketplace," said Darin Ezra, owner and director of Power Brands, the consulting company that developed Kabbalah Energy Drink. The SLEEK™ package from Rexam offers all the inherent benefits of the aluminum can, plus category definition, enhanced shelf-appeal, and consumer loyalty.

Power Brands worked with Rexam's graphic art and printing plate operation in Elk Grove, IL, to set the color and graphic tolerances for perfect reproduction of the Kabbalah Energy Drink brand on aluminum cans. Rexam has the only company-owned, integrated graphic art and printing plate operation that has a manufacturing pilot line to set these standards confidentially with customers before mass production. Visit

New Paint Bucket Innovation Promises To End Dry Flakes

For many years, packaging manufacturer Superfos has been a major supplier of high quality containers to leading paint manufacturers in Europe. Now the well-known Superfos logo will literally help provide paint customers with a significant competitive advantage with the launch of a new patented feature named FlakeFree®.

FlakeFree is a true innovation in packaging for paint that is expected to bring the paint industry into a new era and position plastic solutions as the leading packaging standard for paints. The essence of FlakeFree is a construction with more than 40,000 miniature Superfos logos on the inside of Superfos containers and lids. These logos create a granular texture that prevents dry paint flakes from falling into the liquid paint contents.

The introduction of FlakeFree is also a strong weapon in the battle to gain conversion from metal to plastic in the paint segment. "FlakeFree is the result of ongoing dedicated focus on research and development at Superfos in close cooperation with customers in the paint industry," says Superfos sales and marketing director Martin Malmros. "Plastic holds many opportunities. When we exploit our know-how in injection molding technology and decoration to create extraordinary solutions, the advantages lead to increased market shares for our customers." Visit

Canine Gravy Gets Human Package from TricorBraun

The pet industry is one of the fastest growing markets, and Procter & Gamble's IAMS brand has been in the forefront of providing doting pet owners with ways to pamper their beloved pets. Packaging HomeStyle Gravy For Dogs in a rigid plastic container is just one more way to pamper both pet and owner.

The P&G product development group was looking for a stock sauce container in order to pull off a speedy product launch. TricorBraun was able to supply an option that met those requirements. The line consists of two sizes (14 oz. and 20 oz.) of an oblong a condiment-style bottle in a multi-layer polypropylene construction. A stock snap-type dispensing closure tops off the nine SKUs.

The package has a full-body sleeve label, making the most use of its shape for product placement and information. The package also keeps inventory costs lower as it is not necessary to keep decorated bottles for nine different SKUs in stock. Visit

Saverglass Expands Line Of Twist-Top Wine Bottles

This winter, Saverglass Inc. in Napa Valley, CA, added some heavyweights to its Stelvin™ Finish twist-top line of glass bottles. Addressing the increasing interest around the world in the screw-cap closure, Saverglass announced the new twist-top Atlas Burgundy and St. Pierre Bordeaux bottles, high-end additions to their existing line of more than a dozen screw-cap 750-ml bottles.

The company is also developing bottles in a variety of capacities to match the standard cork bottles that are in common use. "The success of Bonny Doon wines, and many others that have been using our twist-top bottles, is driving market demand for other shapes and styles," says Erica Harrop, Saverglass' vice president of sales and marketing. "We are continually adding to our broad range of 375-ml bottles to give wineries what they can't get anywhere else — proprietary shapes that are unique in appearance."

Stelvin™ closures and bottles provide a hermetic seal capable of withstanding temperature and pressure variations that are normally encountered in the wine aging process, ensuring wines maintain optimal quality from winemaker to consumer. Saverglass also produces a full line of bottles for sparkling wine, spirits, oil and vinegar, perfume, and cosmetic applications. Visit

Starbucks Is Toast of GPI's 2005 "Clear Choice Awards"

The Glass Packaging Institute recently bestowed ten Clear Choice Awards for quality glass packaging, and gave the top honor to Starbucks Coffee Liqueur bottle (see Cover Story p. 8).

The Starbucks bottle won the Overall Packaging Design top prize as the product that best showcases innovation in glass packaging. The winner in the Sales Success category was Anheuser-Busch's Bud Light — a beer that registered a 2004 sales increase that was four times the national average by switching to a longneck bottle and a clear pressure-sensitive label.

The competition, sponsored every two years by GPI, honors products that exemplify glass packaging's contribution to the image and success of everyday products. The judges, who examined a total of 112 entries, were Package Design's editorial director Patrick Henry, Jennifer Acevedo of Brand Packaging, Linda Jackson of Pear Design, and Karen Proctor, chair of packaging science at RIT.

Innovative Package Design winners by product category were: Bacardi's Island Breeze (distilled spirits); Budweiser Select (beer); Anheuser-Busch's Bistro 8 (malternatives); Oliver Winery's Camelot Mead (wine); Bawl's Sugar Free Guaranexx (carbonated); Mott's Rose's Cocktail Infusions (non-carbonated); e.d. Smith's Seedless Strawberry-Raspberry Spread (foods); Donna Karan's Be Delicious Eau de Parfum (cosmetics). Visit

Saint-Gobain Calmar's Pure Path™ Dispenser Is First Metal-Free Fluid Path

Manufacturers of skincare and treatment products constantly strive to create the perfect package for their distinguished formulas, conveying quality and efficacy and also keeping the formula in a safe and pristine environment. Package engineers and development experts in the skincare industry are challenged to design and develop packages that ensure that the formula be delivered to the end user in its purest form, from package through dispensing system.

Saint-Gobain Calmar has achieved a new level of protection with Pure Path™ technology; the first metal-free fluid path dispenser system designed specifically for high-end cosmetic and treatment products. Their patented Pure Path design places the metal spring outside of the fluid path, which eliminates the risk of corrosion and discoloration due to contact with metal.

Although metal does not cause a compatibility issue with all formulas, every formula is unique. Needless to say, a dispensing system that reduces potential compatibility issues across the board is surely welcome. Pure-Path technology doesn't diminish performance and is available in two attractive dispensers — Aria and Sonnet. These pump dispensers have excellent priming performance even with high viscosity products, and are ergonomically engineered for fingertip comfort. Visit and

Crown and Jetrion Announce New Digital Printing Innovation

Crown Holdings, Inc. and Jetrion LLC have introduced a breakthrough innovation in high quality printing for metal packaging — the world's first high-resolution, full color, digital inkjet printed can. The new technology is ideally suited for shorter runs and meeting the challenges of just-in-time manufacturing requirements.

Jetrion's proprietary flexible and formable color inkjet inks — the world's first — are used to produce ultra high-resolution images on a coated metal substrate that is subsequently formed by traditional manufacturing processes. "This is an exciting advancement in packaging technology that, when commercialized, will give Crown's customers unprecedented production and marketing flexibility," says Dr. Daniel Abramowicz, executive vice president, technology and regulatory affairs of Crown Holdings, Inc., and president of Crown Packaging Technology.

"Color inkjet printing will add important new dimensions to our consumer marketing strategies by providing highly targeted, variable, market-specific messaging on cans and other packaging that is simple, fast, and economical to implement," Abramowicz says.

Jetrion's prototype, single-pass drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet system is used to produce the images on a coated metal substrate. The prototype printing system represents just one of many advancements in industrial color inkjet printing under development at Jetrion. The company is capitalizing on expertise and success in wide format color printing and positioning itself to be a leader in inkjet packaging printing.

Dr. Kenneth Stack, president of Jetrion LLC, says: "Crown's vision and innovation have opened new channels for Jetrion's advanced inkjet color printing technology in label and packaging production. The joint development of the high-resolution color inkjet printed can is another major milestone in Jetrion's commitment to introducing new inkjet technologies and products that advance productivity and quality in digital printing." Visit,, and

Sherwood's DataLase® Technology Continues to Expand Capabilities

Sherwood's DataLase® color-changing ink technology can now be applied to edible products such as fresh produce, hard shelled confectionery, and pharmaceutical tablets. Like all DataLase laser-marking technologies, a unique chemistry allows for fast, versatile, and irreversible labeling with a beam of low power CO2 laser light.

This new generation patented additive allows for a safe, high contrast image to be formed directly onto edible products. The additives are applied to the surface of the food product via a spray system or by tumble coating. The low power laser causes a completely safe color-change process, creating a high-contrast, stable image that is produced from 100% edible components.

In the pharmaceutical market, this technology could be used to help eliminate medication errors, help trace drugs through the supply chain, and help reduce counterfeiting. Sherwood was recently recognized for its anti-forgery technologies at the Product and Image Security Convention (PISEC) in Vienna, Austria. The company also recently launched its DigiVU range of products, which offer more sophisticated protection of documents, products, and brands. Visit

CPP Expo 2005 Will Be Site of Fall Meetings by Converting Organizations

CPP Expo 2005 will be held September 26 - 28, 2005 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, concurrent with Pack Expo Las Vegas. H.A. Bruno, organizer of CPP 2005, is pleased to announce that their trade show has surpassed the 100 exhibitor mark. With the addition of leading suppliers such as Ashe Converting Equipment and Hudson-Sharp Machine Company, as well as substantial additions to the AIMCAL Pavilion, CPP is rapidly becoming North America's fastest growing converting and package printing exhibition.

On top of the exhibitions and conference sessions, many industry organizations have chosen these three days to hold their annual Fall Meetings. TAPPI member attendance alone is projected to be over 1,500 for their annual meeting and their "PLACE" technical presentations. Other Annual Fall Meetings include RADTECH, CCTI (Composite Can & Tube Institute), Film & Bag Federation, and AICC (Association of Independent Corrugated Converters � Regions I & II).

CPP EXPO 2005 president Leo Nadolske says: "Never before has one venue showcased industry synergies such as this. In addition, so many of these newly-confirmed exhibitors will be displaying operating machinery." Visit