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Inland Label Receives Finalist Nod at 2010 Interbev Beverage Innovation Awards

Posted: October 20, 2010
Molson Coors Lt Gen II.jpg

Inland Label of La Crosse, WI, is a finalist in the Best New Packaging Innovation category for their Molson Coors Light Generation 2 thermochromic label at a special awards gala held at the Orange County Convention Center during the 2010 InterBev tradeshow.
The Molson Coors Light Generation 2 label is the first dual temperature cold activated beer label in the market. The label reveals two hidden messages at different temperatures. The new label not only tells you when your beer is cold enough to drink by having the mountains turn from white to blue, it also reveals a secret message at two different temperatures. When the mountains turn blue, the first message is revealed in the top box that turns from white to blue revealing the message in white text. When the beer reaches its optimal cold drinking temperature, a second hidden message will appear in the second white box, letting you know that your Coors Light is as cold as the Rocky Mountains.
“Knowing that packaging innovation is driving the beer market, Inland worked closely with Molson to achieve their packaging innovation goals by evolving the thermochromic package to take it to the next level,” says Scott Roob, Inland’s national account manager for Molson Canada. For more, visit


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