Institute of Packaging Professionals | 2011 AmeriStar Awards Showcase of Packaging Innovation

Posted: September 9, 2011

 Institute of Packaging Professionals | 2011 AmeriStar Awards Showcase of Packaging Innovation
More than 100 packages were submitted for this year’s Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) AmeriStar awards competition. Judges evaluated and analyzed packages from 17 categories using package innovation, sustainability, protection, economics, performance, and marketing as criteria. Find pictures of all the AmeriStar winners at

Best of Show Award (Sponsored by Lansmont)
The Convertible Clamshell
By: HAVI Global Solutions
The hingeless, polypropylene package design provides operational efficiency improvements as well as product differentiation. In addition to its package design benefits for behind the food service counter, the creative packaging structure provides consumers with product protection, portability, visibility, insulation, and calibrated moisture release through the inventive integration of vents when the package is closed. The clamshell-to-plate package also is recyclable, reuseable, and formed from a custom, downgauged resin sheet thickness.

Sustainability Award (Sponsored by 3M)
Bag-in-Box for Automotive Fluids
By: Scholle Packaging
Scholle Packaging’s bag-in-box system for automotive chemicals and fluids allows industry suppliers to satisfy their customers’ needs with an efficient, environmentally conscious package. When used to replace one-L bottles of motor oil, each bag-in-box packaging system diverts 24 plastic packages from the waste stream. Overall, petroleum-based resin usage in the packaging is reduced by nearly 90% compared to rigid one-L bottles. The outer carton of the packaging system is also fully recyclable.