Instituto Argentino del Envase

Posted: September 20, 2009 by
Ron Romanik

In 1969, a group of institutions in the Argentine packaging industry collaborated with raw materials proccessing firms to form the Argentine Packaging Institute. The 14 original organizations have expanded into a large body of 400 members, which the organization serves in different areas of quality control, package development, materials purchasing, and information retrieval. The Institute maintains a Bibliographical Center, funds a Technological Research center, and offers technical and professional courses.

2006 Football Worldwide Collection Bottles
Budweiser's bottles achieve a high degree of attractiveness and originality for each one of the markets to which they are directed without modifying the original bottle. A collection of four long neck bottle designs were used during the 2006 World Cup, for which Budweiser was the official sponsor. This commemorative collection has been designed for Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina.

Butter Toffees
This original candy package makes a big impact with a large brand presentation. Butter Toffees are one of the most exported products of the Argentinean company Arcor. The package is easily filled with high production devices, and the package can merchandized with good facing in several ways.

Natulen Gluten-Free Products
Client: Traceli S.A.
The packaging for Natulen positions this new brand as the leader in its market category and communicates the healthy and natural values of these gluten-free products.

Estancia Las Quinas Premium Honeys
Client: AGLH S.A.
Estancia Las Quinas is a high-quality, premium range of honeys from the famed Argentine Pampa region. The new packaging reflects the purity and premium quality of the products. The graphic simplicity and minimalist style of the identity provides fantastic on-shelf impact and positions it as a top-of-the-market niche product aimed at discerning gourmet shoppers.

Estancia Las Quinas Premium Honeys
This is a thermoformed container made in polystyrene crystal. It is composed by two holder compartments with different volumes. The container is able to hold the product separately to get a better preservation of properties until the moment it is blended.

Topline One
The liquid center capsule candy container doses the product with a single hand, one treat at a time. The two-piece package is playful and simulates a game with the product or dispenser. The load tray allows an easy fill that makes possible in two channels of dosing, and the outer housing allows dosing with simple slice drive, by opening the knob.

Menthoplus ICE
This candy container transmits a formal association with the candy rhomboid form and with ease of use. The package of 30 candies delivers the product with single-hand operation, one candy at a time. It consists of only two components—the container and the dose dispenser.

Cunnington Exclusive Cola
Client: Prodea S.A.
The client wanted to differentiate the new beverage from the major players of the cola category with a unique and sophisticated image. The restrained design solution uses just two colors in order to gain shelf impact. The Cunnington logo acts like a large billboard communicating a powerful image while the rest of the copy subtly contrasts the boldness of the logo.

Omniun Carton for Two Bottles
Client: Prodea S.A.
This case is encapada fine cardboard concerned duplex of 250 g/cm2, mounted with another fine cardboard. Polypropylene was applied in the front of the case, and the case was completed manually by mating the bottom and the side panels.


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Ahumalen Smoked Foods
Client: Sabores y Placeres, S.A.
This packaging announced the introduction of this small batch, super premium, high indulgence brand with an impactful smoke icon and warm color palette.

Axe Aerosol Deodorant
The new cap-less Axe package has a morphology that explicitly shows the spirit of the brand, a high-tech product with a minimalist design, oriented to young and dynamic people.

Rexona for Men
The handy new aerosol package denotes the main high-performance and high-technology messages of the brand to the male consumer.