Makeover Challenge

Introducing Package Design’s 2014 Makeover Challenge, sponsored by FiberMark North America Inc.

Posted: April 8, 2014 by
Linda Casey

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Using her success and recognition as a makeup artist, Kelley Quan has launched a beauty brand with ethically manufactured products made in the U.S. “Part of my mission is to bring manufacturing back and make something amazing and covetable,” she explains. “My brushes are competitive to top-end makeup brushes from anywhere, including handcrafted brushes from Japan.”

To ensure the highest of quality, Quan has the brushes made in a family-run factory in upstate New York to her exacting standards and ethical guidelines. Both of which are so high that they prompted her to start Kelley Quan New York.

“I was so disturbed when I found out how the hair for brushes is harvested,” she recalls. “Animals are either brutally stripped of their pelts or maimed without regard while being sheared, especially in countries where animal welfare regulations are either lax or nonexistent. So I looked for an alternative, but I couldn’t find a fabulous synthetic brush. That started my journey to create brushes that meet my own needs as a makeup artist.”

That’s not a problem for today’s makeup artists thanks to Quan’s PETA-certified, vegan brushes. While Kelley Quan New York has enjoyed a good bit of success with its online store and product recognition from beauty bloggers, Quan’s ready to take her business to the next level. Part of that strategy is rethinking the packaging for her premium brush line.

Quan will work with four branding and design firms—Base Beauty Creative Agency, Envision Creative Group, Spring Design Partners and Zunda Group—in this blue-sky exercise.

All competing agencies have been instructed to take a real-world approach by consulting directly with Quan to develop their packaging concepts. These concepts will be unveiled in Package Design’s August 2014 issue. In that issue, we will also share Kelley Quan’s reaction and the process and strategy behind each concept as well as launch online voting.

The most popular design—determined by votes by the Package Design community online and in person at this year’s Pack Expo—wins the challenge and will be featured in the November/December 2014 issue.

To learn more about each competitor, check out the agency biographies:

Package Design thanks FiberMark North America Inc., a world-class manufacturer and global distributor of fiber-based decorative covering materials and dyed-through paperboards. The company forms a rich tapestry of inspired top-of-the-line products for luxury packaging and upscale collateral helping premier brands stand out ever more distinctively.