INX International Debut’s HyStar SpH Packaging Inks for Greater Ink Stability

Posted: April 24, 2014

INX International Ink Co. announced that U.S. operations will soon begin distribution of the next generation of mid-grade GCMI packaging inks. HyStar SpH, available in conventional and low-copper formulations, provides much greater ink stability. This leads to more consistent color control, improved printability, and the opportunity to reduce converting waste while requiring less operator maintenance of the inks while on press.
INX will continue to offer the entry-level StarFlex and graphics level TriStar GCMI product lines with their existing technologies. Both products provide substantial performance and value that customers are looking for. As more workhorse anilox rolls move away from 165-lpi and 180-lpi to a line screen in excess of 200-lpi, more worldwide customers have gravitated from StarFlex to HyStar to meet their day-to-day GCMI needs.
“We are pleased to offer the packaging industry and our customers the benefits of this exciting new product line,” says Rick Clendenning, president and CEO of INX International. “We have been producing pH stable products successfully for many years. With the recent introduction of the GCMI Edition X color guide, we believe it is the right time to take our mid-grade packaging product line to the next level. It’s also why we are confident HyStar SpH will complement our entire packaging ink product portfolio, which offers superior performance and industry competitive pricing.” For more, visit